Support Small Business This Christmas

Wednesday 4 November 2020

 With lockdown looming, and Christmas on the horizon, it is more important than ever to support small businesses for your shopping this year. Small businesses are essential to our economy, and provide so many jobs to so many people, but have sadly been badly affected by this pandemic. Buying from a small business isn't putting more money into the pocket of some billionaire from a corporation, but is helping a family buy food, keep their lights on, and keep their dream alive. I wanted to share some of my favourite small businesses, and encourage you to check out their products. You can find a lot of inspiration on Etsy and Notonthehighstreet too (but wherever possible, I buy direct from the small business themselves, because they will charge fees).

First up, Sugar & Vice. Over the years I have bought SO much from Sugar & Vice, my jewellery collection is probably in the majority from their collections, and despite owning some of it for 6 years plus, it is still in just as good nick as ever. Run by pals Sarah & Matt, these guys have made incredible stuff over the years, and have always been so helpful with any of the custom requests or ideas I've had for them. Even making me a sign for my house! I'm a huge fan of their new homewares section, and if you love your horror movies, they are definitely the company for you.

They custom made our wedding cake topper to fit our 'True Romance' obsession.

I personally own this tiger paws necklace and it gets compliments every single time I wear it, a true statement piece I always find myself reaching for.

Next up is a company I just can't seem to stop myself from buying from lately, Crafty Glass London. Crafty Glass make stained glass for a new generation, everything from hearts and moons, through to Pikachu and David from Schitt's Creek! They even did a spooky Halloween range, and have been teasing not only some festive Christmas pieces, but also a personal Pokemon favourite of mine, Venomoth! I can't wait to see it. Their store isn't open all of the time, and instead they tend to offer limited pre-orders, and open their shop for a limited space of time every 2 weeks or so, to ensure that their shipping and customer service is up to their standard, so keep an eye out on their social media for their next update!

This is their mountain range piece, and below is their cheese plant leaf. Just 2 of the maybe... 8 pieces I've bought and gifted since I discovered them? I really need to buy something for myself already!

Another jewellery company that I can't help but adore, is Bloody Mary Metal. Between me and Stu, I'd say we easily own well into 40 pieces from them! We even visited them during our Cornwall holiday to celebrate our first wedding anniversary to buy pieces from them in person for the first time. While they do make some of their jewellery in gold, they are known for their unusual silver designs, with an alternative twist. If you see me wearing silver jewellery, I can basically almost guarantee you that is it from BMM. Their customer service is also absolutely wonderful. They've repaired pieces we have broken because we are both clumsy AF, and when we visited in person they offered to reshape jewellery we were wearing that had been bashed about it over many years of daily wear!

Just some of the many pieces I own from BMM, they offer a lot of one offs and it is so cool to know you own something unique no one else will ever own!

And final, inclusive clothing designer and general bad ass Plus Equals! Plus Equals manage to not only be one of the most fun clothing companies out there, but also one of the most inclusive, offering a standard size range of a UK 14-42, but also offering made to measure at no extra cost, and if your size isn't listed, just drop them a message and they will get you sorted, love!

My ridiculously incredible purple and faux fur sequin jacket is from Plus Equals, and I wear it for all my fancy occasions. I am sure I will be swanning about in this on Christmas Day no matter what ends up happening! If you love bright colours, faux fur and sequins, Plus Equals are the place to go.

My absolute fave faux leather vintage jacket is also from Plus Equals, part of their upcycled range. It just makes me feel cool (which I am so very far from!).

What are your favourite small businesses that you'll be shopping from this Christmas? Please do comment and help me find some new faves!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx