Snag Tights Halloween Review

Monday 19 October 2020

 As a 5ft 11 plus size gal, tights have always been one of my ultimate items that it is just impossible to buy that fit. I remember years ago when I worked in a shop having to wear them every day and I had to do the whole knickers over the tights trick to attempt to keep them up, they never fit properly, they seemed to ladder when I looked at that, and they managed to simultaneously droop whilst also being too small. That is, until I discovered Snag Tights. I saw people talk about them on social media a lot before I tried them, all saying they were the best most comfortable tights ever, that they fit even though they were short/tall/fat etc, and that they didn't budge once you had them on. And I didn't believe them. Surely tights like that can't actually exist? Well, it turned out they really did, and you can find my first pair review here. Funnily enough the first pair I bought were from their Halloween range, so I was really excited to see what they came up with this year!

First up, these are the 80 denier tights in 'Witch'. When I was a teenager I was a little greebo, and all I ever wanted was a good pair of stripy tights, but because I was tall it never happened. I'd buy footless tights and they'd always be too short and uncomfortable, and they always seemed to be made of scratchy horrible material. When I saw these black and white beauties I had to order them, teenage me would have been obsessed!

They are so soft, you can just about see my darker shin tattoo through them but not in a way that is really obvious, they fit beautifully and once on, they do not budge! I'm still not sure what sort of sorcery Snag Tights do to make their tights, or what sort of demon they made a deal with, but I will take it! They way Snag works their sizing is that they take into consideration both your dress size and your height, I need a G because I'm 5ft 11, and a G should fit people up to a dress size 36, up to a height of 6ft 5. They have really amazing amounts of stretch, whilst also not stretching too far and ever ending up saggy. I've never had to adjust a pair of Snags whilst wearing them, magic I tell you! (also yes, that really is my wallpaper in my front room!)

I also couldn't resist grabbing myself these very Halloweeny 80 denier tights in style 'Jack'. These are a become quite sheer on my thighs, unlike the other designs I've had from Snag, but it's cold, so I'll probably mostly wear knee length skirts or dresses rather than have my thighs out. I'm not quite sure these would fit right up to the size 36/6ft 5 top end of the size range to be honest, because as sheer as they are on my thighs, I can't see them stretching much further. They are totally solid on my calves, but the design does get more warped and thin with my chunky thighs. These are also a little less soft than the 'Witch' style which are velvety soft, but still comfortable and stay in place when you are moving around in them.

I really hope we see more of the stripes in the future in their range, I'd love to see black and red, purple and red, basically all the things teenage goth Kitty would have loved to have worn! I also picked up another Halloween design that has cobwebs on it, but they are completely sold out at the time of writing and have been removed from their website. I haven't worn those yet, but I suspect they will fit like the 'Jack' tights rather than the 'Witch' tights with them having a pattern and being a black based 80 denier again. Snag have also introduced a more 'sexy times' range recently, with mock garter belts and fishnets in more colours, and I really want to try those mock garter belts! Being tall, stockings and hold ups have always been far too short on me, so when I have some spare pennies, I might just have to give them a go.

One of the things I really liked about Snag it that their tights come in paper packaging, in a paper envelope, so it's all completely recyclable. They also have a permanent offer on that when you buy 3 items you have get 10% off, 5 items 15% off, and 10 items 25% off, so it's well worth buying a few pairs at a time, or seeing if you know anyone else you can combine orders with. All in all, I'm happy with this order and know I will wear the 'Witch' tights long after Halloween has gone because of how soft they are!

Much love,
Kitty xxx