Betty's Beasties Colouring Book

Tuesday 25 August 2020

 When my lovely friend Betty Brown announced their new colouring book I was super hyped! Her last colouring book was an absolute delight, super diverse and full of a bunch of bad ass babes, so I had no doubt this one would be equally as cool. This book is NSFW, so warning ahead for previews!

This time around, we have Betty's Beasties, all drawn in Betty's signature pin up style, but focusing on mermaids, aliens, and other spooky creatures! As with all of Betty's work, the body types are diverse and gorgeous, so expect plus size beauties, stretch marked lovelies, tattooed cuties, scarred babes and disabled dolls, all ready to be coloured in.

Colouring is just the perfect lockdown activity, it provides great stress relief, as well as a total distraction from reality, so could there be a better time to get your hands on this? Betty is also running a giveaway on her instagram where she is getting so close to 10k followers, so go give her a follow and enter! She often does what she calls 'Butt Portrait' giveaways which are so cool, because who wouldn't want their arse immortalised forever in amazing art?! (Side note, Betty's insta is very NSFW but so so awesome so just be careful!)

With these uncertain times, support the arts is so important, and especially supporting those who are out there doing work with Betty's, with a focus on black women and inclusivity. Got a spooky babe in your life? This would make a super cute Halloween present for them! I can just see myself curled up in the autumn in a blanket working on this.

You can find Betty on Patreon too if you want to support their work on a more regular basis!

This book is currently available for pre-order, and will be with you late September time, just in time for spooky season!

Much love,

ps. This isn't a sponsored post, I just really love what Betty does!