Betty's Babes Colouring Book

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Betty's Babes is the most inclusive and diverse colouring book I have ever seen. It's the brain child of artist Betty Brown and it just fills me with utter delight. Colouring books have had a huge surge of popularity in recent years and Betty's Babes is my new favourite.

Betty's Babes isn't your usual collection of pin ups, it's full of as many different types of babes you could possibly imagine. Each page features a gorgeous piece of art ready to be coloured in, with an index page telling you a little something about each person featured. Polly and Cash are LBGTQ* alternative babes, Winnie has vitiligo, Kit shows off her masectomy scars, Aurora is a trans woman of colour, there are disabled babes, curves a plenty, hairy legs, stretch marks and so much more. I challenge anyone to find a collection of pins ups that is more diverse!

Every page of this colouring book gives a million options for your own creativity. They have so much detail included in them, from feminist tattoos to pretty backgrounds, there is hours of relaxing colouring to do here. If you want your own, they are currently on sale for only £14 from Betty Brown's Big Cartel. It's full of bodies you don't normally see represented in art, and they all look so damn beautiful.

I implore you to check out more of Betty Brown's work. She's an incredible black artist who works so hard to be inclusive and showcase that every body is beautiful. When you have a body that is marginalised, to see it showcased in a collection like this is everything. I can't wait to spend literally hours doing each page carefully!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

PS. All the photographs here were kindly provided by Betty Brown. This isn't a sponsored post, I just love this book!