Thursday, 14 March 2019

In Memory of Grandma

Last week we sadly lost our wonderful Grandma Eileen. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer and passed away peacefully at home. I was incredibly lucky to get to see my Grandma a lot as she quickly became ill, she was diagnosed only weeks ago, and to get to say goodbye to her.

Grandma is someone that was always meant to be a Grandma. Her home has always been open to everyone, and I have so many fond memories of my grandparents house as children. From playing with our favourite toys, a gloworm myself and all my cousins remember fondly, or a Rainbow Brite doll as we got older, or dressing up in my Grandmas pearls and scarves and wearing her fluffy slippers. I remember always having cheese and salad cream buns for my lunch, always made on oven bottom muffins, and always served as four halves, never as two buns. Every Christmas Grandma would make the Christmas stuffing, and she would make a special individual one for me that was vegetarian, always my absolute favourite part of Christmas dinner. 

We have a huge family, and Grandma always managed to make everyone feel special. Always everyone's number one fan, supporting us all in our chosen hobbies and activities, even if it meant long hours out in the cold watching my Uncles fishing.

My Grandma was famous for her knitting, particularly her dishcloths and baby blankets. If you could meet someone that knew my Grandma and they didn't have one of her knitted dishcloths, I'd be incredibly surprised! Every baby in our family, or even near our family, has their own special baby blanket. Grandma knew I have no desire to have children, so she even knitted our dog Ashen his very own baby blanket, because there is nothing he loves more than a blanket. No one was ever left out with Grandma!

In Grandma's memory we are raising money for Marie Curie UK, who provided lovely nurses who were such a help to Grandma and our family in her care at home. If you want to donate or share the link it would be so appreciated.

I will miss you so much Grandma, and I'll think of you whenever I see pink lipstick.

Love always,
Your Star xxxx