Where Have I Been?

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Um, hi. It's been a while huh? I've only written a small handful of posts this year and have been pretty MIA on most of my social media. But I'm still here! I thought a good place to start would be to fill in the gaps of where I've been and why I've not been blogging.

On January 11th I got a phone call asking me if I could come in the next day for my second carpal tunnel operation. It had originally been scheduled for after Christmas but had been cancelled, and I'd been told it wouldn't be rearranged for some time. It was a shock but I was eager to get it done and be on with the healing process, so the next day I went under the knife again for round 2. The healing for my left hand seems to have been a lot harder going than my right hand. I'm going to write a full blog post about my experiences having the surgeries, but with my hands being affect, blogging was not high on my list of priorities. I think my laptop has basically forgotten what I look like at this point, I've barely touched it in months!

If I'm totally honest with myself, the other major reason I haven't been writing is because the time I've previously dedicated to my blog has been somewhat filtered elsewhere. Mostly, into Pokemon GO.  I've been spending a lot of time with my local raid group, enjoying the community days, and just generally getting out of the house and making new friends. I haven't had a real hobby in years. Photography has been an issue for me since I developed carpal tunnel, and I greatly missed having something fun I enjoyed that I could do regularly. Pokemon has filled that gap and it makes me so happy!

The other thing, which seems so silly when I type it out. is that I've been having a bit of a crisis of confidence. All because of my hair. I coloured my hair last October using Plum by Directions. It's a deep purple, and it was beautiful. For the first wash. After one wash, my hair was blue. Two more and it was green. And green is has been ever since. This is my most recent selfie, I've hardly taken any lately, you can see the green is really clinging on and while it has faded, it's not going anywhere any time soon. I've had green hair before, and it stains, so at this point my only option is to further bleach my hair to try and shit the colour, or to dye it darker over the top and risk the green coming through. It's been six months now, so I've been very patient, and it's daft, but it's getting me down now! Real life things have gotten in the way of me paying a visit to the hairdresser, but I'm hoping to soon so I can return to my former pink glory. I miss it so!

So what's the point in writing this blog, am I back? Well, sort of! I don't think I'll be back to posting as often as I used to, but I definitely feel like I have more I want to do in terms of blogging. I'm still writing for the ever wonderful She Might Be too, so be sure to come and check us out.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I hope you are back & I hope you heal quickly.


  2. Your face has definitely been missed! Although I am forever loving your Pokemon tweets. :) They make me so happy! x


    1. aw thank you honey! I'm glad someone likes them haha xx

  3. I am super glad to see your face again, in whatever capacity I get it. Plus, I agree with Grunge Kitty, sometimes I feel like the only person still playing Pokemon Go, heh.