What I Got For Christmas

Monday 8 January 2018

I know, I know, Christmas seems forever ago now, but I always do a what I got for Christmas type post, and I wasn't going to not do one even though it's late. This year, I'm only sharing two of the presents I got for Christmas, both from my husband Stu. Both of these presents made me absolutely sob, so I had to share the story behind them.

Before I opened this beautiful necklace, I opened a lovely photo frame with a picture of our dear Sinbad the one eyed cat who passed away in 2016 in it. That got me all emotional, and as I started to open this necklace, I realised what it was. It's cremation jewellery, it contains a small urn inside for you to place the ashes of your lost loved one inside, so they can be with you when you wear it. I have wanted one of these for such a long time, Sinbad was the first cat that was 'mine'. I rescued him, he rescued me, we were inseparable. I was heartbroken when he passed away and this was a perfect present from my husband.

Now the second present, and why it made me cry, need a little more explaining. Any 90's kids have any guesses as to what it is? This, is Fetch Armstrong. Fetch Armstrong was the doggy sidekick to Stretch Armstrong, a superhero with an elastic body that could stretch huge amounts. My brother had Stretch, I had Fetch. I bloody loved Fetch, despite his rubbery body and solid face, he slept in my bed with me at night and I carried him round with me wherever I could.

As it turns out, you can stretch these super stretchy toys too far, as my little brother discovered when he stretched Stretch too far and ripped him. All his stretchy gooey insides leaked out and he was broken. Angry he had broken his toy, he decided it was Fetch's end time too, and he overstretched poor Fetch much to my horror. I was gutted! My brother will tell you it was an accident but there's no telling me otherwise, I know the truth! (I forgive you bro.... maybe). A few years ago someone we know got their kid a Stretch Armstrong for Christmas, and I told Stu this story. I had no idea they had brought them back and thought it was really cool.

So imagine my surprise, when on Christmas day, I opened my present to discover inside, my very own Fetch Armstrong. Stu had been hunting for one since I had told him the story, and they had finally started making them again. It was such a thoughtful gift, I howled with laughter whilst also crying at how much it meant that he had remembered my love of my original Fetch!

Fetch is now proudly on my bedside table and will be going absolutely nowhere near my not-so-little-anymore brother.

What did you get for Christmas?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Oh my god, I had a Fetch Armstrong too and sobbed when I pulled it too far apart and it broke! I had completely forgotten about that memory and this blog post just brought it up again! ♥

  2. What lovely presents! I had no idea about Fetch Armstrong - he looks like Ardman designed him!