Leopard Print and Faux Leather OOTD*

Sunday 9 April 2017

One of the things I often struggle with is feeling sexy. I'm not a plus size gal with the traditional hourglass figure, I'm not busty, I don't really have a big butt, all those things associated with being sexy. Society tells us that fat women aren't sexy, and then it tells us that only certain fat women can be sexy, and I don't fall into any of those categories. I'm tall and awkward, I'm clumsy to ridiculous extremes, I stutter over my words some times and I get anxious about everything. But if I want to be, I can still feel sexy. Feeling sexy isn't necessarily something that everyone wants to feel, but sometimes, I want it, and this outfit had me feeling like a siren.

Top - New Look (sold out)
Harness Bra - New Look (sold out)
Pleather Skirt* - River Island

Firstly, this skirt. It is sex on legs. That zip is fully functioning and goes all the way up, so if you were so inclined you could remove this skirt in all sorts of fun ways. It's made of a quite thick and high quality faux leather and all the hardware on it is silver, which is my personal preference. A pencil skirt always gives your walk more of a wiggle, and add in that faux leather and I felt powerful! It fits true to size and sat just at the knee on my 5ft 11 body.

Shirts are sexy. Worn by every gender they just work. I love them. Wearing this unbuttoned isn't something I would have done too long ago. I don't have the kind of bust that meets in the middle and gives cleavage, but just because I don't have big boobs doesn't mean I can't show off a harness bra and feel lush. I don't have the sort of chest that the media might tell us is sexy, but I'll damn well show off my bra and feel like a sassy diva whilst doing it! A good harness bra always boosts my ego, New Look regularly get really lovely bralettes in and this is a prime example. It isn't totally wire free however, I find their mesh styles tend to have the side panel of wiring, so I save them more for special outfits or occasions than every day wear.

Many thanks to the incredible Shannon Swift for these photos of me. I always smile in photos out of habit. I feel prettier when I smile, and because I don't think I generally do sexy well these sort of photos were hard for me. Shannon really pushed me to do something different and I'm so glad she did!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

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*denotes an item lent to me for the purposes of this photoshoot. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. Wow!! Looking hot lady!! I'm not normally a fan of leopard print but you look amazing in it xxx

  2. What a hot outfit- you look smokin'! Loving that skirt and the shirt goes perfectly :)

  3. The outfit is hot and you look incredibly sexy in it. You go girl.

  4. I love how you've styled the leopard print shirt with the peek a boo bra! I'm always here for underwear and outerwear, and it gives the shirt such a different look! :) x

  5. Kitty, you are slaying me with these images from Shannon. I love this entire out, it screams you!
    Sam x

    1. aww thank you so much honey! <3 Shannon is so incredible, totally hoping to shoot with her again x