Floral and Mesh Stripes OOTD*

Sunday 16 April 2017

When it comes to dressing up for more formal occasions, keeping that feeling of 'me' is so important. It can be hard when you have a more alternative style to feel like you've dressed up enough for an occasion whilst still also feeling like yourself. Thanks to City Chic's range at Evans however, I've found some really beautiful pieces that fit the bill wonderfully.

Lace Jacket - City Chic at Evans*

I've featured this jacket in another blog post (here) but I totally adore it and always reach for it. It adds an extra layer of warmth but nothing too bulky, and it's a more dressed up way of wearing a biker jacket. I always reach for a biker jacket so this fills me little punk heart with glee. It is SO versatile and I adore it.

This dress has something about it. The print is gorgeous, the floral with mesh stripe inserts is a great combination and the colour tones are incredible. This is a classic fit and flare dress, but they do have this dress in other silhouettes too if something a bit more unusual is more your style. It is so soft and incredibly made, City Chic is a brand I really enjoy and their quality is consistently fantastic. If you like dresses that are a bit different, have a hint of goth or have their own little quirks, check them out. I'm forever eyeing up their range on Evans and wishing I could buy it all!

Just a note on City Chic's sizing, Evans has their XXL listed as a size UK 24, and this is the largest size. However, this size chart has been taken direct from City Chic and doesn't seem to have been converted from US to UK sizes, so their XXL is more of a 26/28, so check your measurements rather than relying on the size conversion they have listed on their website.

These photos are from my photoshoot with the wonderful Shannon Swift. I don't usually share photos of me sat down, subconsciously or not I tend to pose in ways that are more flattering than these photos are. Shannon got me to pose sat down and I love that she pushed me to do something different. And her lighting is EVERYTHING.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes items gifted for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. I love the dress and the jacket, they both look great on you. And your hair is fabulous :-) Great post x

  2. Really nice design and you look amazing in this florals, the colour really suits you!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous honey! And that dress... Simply divine! I love that it is just so different. Your photoshoot came out great xx