The world is a scary place

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Right now the world is a scary place, and it can seem overwhelming at times, especially when you are outside of the US. My blog has never been a political place, but my social media is, and it's time to change that. It can feel like there is nothing you can do to help, but I wanted to compile some ways those of us outside the US can help.

One of the big organisations working hard to fight Trump and his executive orders is the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU. They do incredible work, but they need our support to keep on fighting the good fight. They brought the lawsuit that is directly fighting the #MuslimBan and are trying to bring families back together. You can donate to them directly on their website at the link below - 

Another organisation that needs support is the CAIR (Council on American-Muslim Relations). They are specifically helping the fight against the prejudices that Muslims in America are facing right now. They are America's largest Muslim civil liberties organisation. More info and ways to donate can be found here - 

In the UK, we can contact our MPs and ensure that they know how we feel. Let them know that you disagree with Theresa May's hand of friendship being extended to Trump, let them know that you disagree with the #MuslimBan and Trump's scheduled visit to the UK. The more of us that speak up and let our feelings known the better.

There are organisations within the UK that are helping refugees right here at home that need our help too. With the US potentially refusing to take the refugees they had promised to help, they need all the help they can get.

Detention Action are an organisation that aims to help refugees and asylum seekers who are already here in the UK, but who are being held in detention while they wait to see if they will be approved. Many of the people held in detention are stateless, they cannot return home, but they cannot settle here till their applications have been approved.

Many of these charities and organisations need donations, but if you can't donate, spread their links where you can. Raising awareness is absolutely key, so keep retweeting and sharing those links, every RT is a new audience that might be able to help even more.

Don't support the organisations whose leaders are cosying up with Trump or are in his cabinet. Delete your Uber account and let them know why, stand with those companies that are brave enough to speak out and risk their brands.

If you are physically able to, attend the marches and protests local to you. Not everyone is able to do this, but those who can, please do. Every voice is another voice than cannot be ignored. Share information for the marches on your social media, especially if you are a blogger with a large audience, everything we can do to help spread the word is essential. Be aware, don't take photos of people without their permission, do not share those photos of people without their permission, do not tag people in photos without their permission, it is not always safe for people to be publicly seen at a protest, use your privilege to raise the voices of those being discriminated against, don't drown out their voices. Worldwide condemnation is so important, we can come together against this hate.

The SWP have been attending many marches and handing out their placards and signs, do not take these. The SWP are hugely problematic and do not need our support. Make your own placards and be careful of which organisations you promote.

If you know of other trustworthy organisations that can help, please let me know them so I can add them to this list.

Kitty xxxx


  1. I will definitely lend my voice to stop discrimination against these poor people. I will look to see where my local marches are x

  2. The world really is a messed up and very scary place at the moment. I am worried for the future that my daughter will grow up in!

    1. I worry for my step children :( I never thought I'd see fascism rise again

  3. A fabulous post with so much helpful information. I despair of the world we live in and worry for my children's Futures :( zz