My Favourite Outfits of 2016

Tuesday 27 December 2016

This year has been a funny one for my fashion. My tastes have changed, I've gotten braver, but I also feel like I should have documented way more outfits, so I hope to change that in 2017! I can't resist sharing some of my favourite outfits from throughout the year.

2016 was the year I decided that I could get my legs out as much as I wanted, and this dress was a summer favourite. I plan to wear it non-stop once it gets warm again.

I adored the black version of this Jameela Jamil dress* when it came out, so when they released it in red I had to have it. Plus I finally started wearing heels again this year and embracing my height!

This long sleeved lace dress* requires no bra due to my lack of boobage, which makes it super comfy and easy to wear.

I fell in love with drapey layers this year, and these leggings are faves too.

I also discovered a love of jeans, along with my obsession with this Navabi cardigan*. I feel like 2017 will involve a serious hunt for the perfect pair of jeans as every pair I find fits so weirdly. I will find my perfect pair!

A wintery party dress is always a must and this Lady V London dress* is so damn cute.Vintage inspired perfection.

I became a plus size brand ambassador for the Tutu Factory* this year and I think this outfit has to be the best one I've styled with their tutus so far.

LovedRobe sent me this amazing floral maxi dress* for my hen do. It's so unlike anything I would usually wear, but I loved it.

I could basically have picked any and every outfit involving a CowCow dress* because I love the so much, but as this is my most recent addition, this is the one I'm sharing.

I feel like this year I started to finally be the real 'Kitty' in my fashion, and express myself more. There are more different colours in my wardrobe, and more variety and adventure. Long may this continue!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*denotes an item that was gifted to me. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. That Jameela Jamil dress is definitely my favourite by far but I love your style! Can't wait to see more in 2017.

  2. Some really fun and funky looks there hun! I hope you had a great Christmas and an even better new year!

    1. Thanks honey! It was really wonderful, I hope yours was too xx

  3. So many fab outfits and how could the tutu not be my favourite x

  4. I love your style! So many cute dresses!

  5. I love your legs and hope to see much much more of them (maybe in the flesh) in 2017!

    C xx

    1. Thanks honey! We 100% need to finally meet in the new year, it must happen!! xx