Matte Lips with MUA

Sunday 19 June 2016

My name is Kitty, and I am addicted to matte lips. Matte lipsticks, lip lacquers, liquid to matte gloss, I love it all. I'm forever trying new colours and brands, and my newest fave is MUA thanks to Just Me Leah. She kindly sent me 4 colours that I blogged about here, and I just had to get more.

This time I decided to try 2 different products, more of the velvet lip lacquers in more muted colours than the ones I have, and also the matte lipstick.

I love lip lacquers, but I was keen to try the lipsticks as I think for a day to day they are more comfortable than a matte liquid lip. The lip lacquers come in a matte packaging that I love, with a gold top and matte tube. They have either a black or gold top, and this time all the colours I ordered happened to have a gold top. The lipsticks come in a cute white case with silver font and accents, and the bottom of the tubes show the colour contained within, which is a touch I always like. It's much easier to spot a coloured end than a lipstick name when rooting around in your handbag.

How pretty is that matte packaging? I love the style of the font too, it looks very high end for a product that costs £3 a pop!

This time I opted to get more natural tones as Leah had sent me 4 very bright colours. 3 are more typical 'nude' colours, and the other 2 were a bit brighter. The names are all really cute, and I've swatched them in the same order I've photographed above to help you be able to identify them easily.

I like to do a jazzy shape when I swatch lately and these are my attempts at lightening bolts... don't judge me. I'm sure most people use a template! I just don't have a steady enough hand to draw properly. These velvet lip lacquers have a slightly moussey formula and are very creamy. They dry totally matte and smudge proof which is always a good thing.

The three nudes have similar tones but are very different. Harmony is the shade furthest left, and it's a light brown tone with cool tones. Next is Tranquility which is much more of a light brown and my personal favourite of the three natural colours. The final muted colour is Halcyon which has a slight coral tone to the brown. All of these are swatched in single layer to show the truest pigmentation I can. I'm very impressed with all 3! I think Harmony will probably be a little too light for my personal tastes so I suspect my Mum will want to swipe that off me.

Dash and Moxie are more pink toned and less neutral. Dash is the brown toned pink and Moxie is a blue toned pink rose colour. Both again are swatched in one layer. I think Dash will become one of my day to day colours, it's beautiful. I love the tones of it so much.

Here are all 5 swatches under a flash, the above swatches are in natural light. I think you can see more clearly in this shot the different between the 3 natural tones.

And these swatches are of the matte lipsticks. These are so soft and feel great on the lips, very moisturing whilst still being matte. Again I opted for some more natural tones, and also a purple, which I can never resist!

These matte lipsticks are only £1 each, so if you want to try out a matte lip these are a bargain. Top is Totally Nude which is a very light brown creamy colour, and bottom is Fawn Fancy a more middle toned brown, Unlike the lip lacquers these aren't smudge proof, but I have yet to find a matte lipstick that is.

The lilac colour is called Lilac Belle and is more pink toned than I expected, but I think it'll be a really fun colour for summer. These aren't as pigmented as the lacquers, but again, I wouldn't expect them to do as a lipstick. With lip lacquers you usually aren't going to have to reapply during the day unless you eat oily or greasy food, but the lipsticks definitely need reapplying to keep their pigmentation.

I'm really impressed with the MUA matte lip ranges, especially the velvet lip lacquers. The packaging is totally adorable and the pigmentation is fantastic. I can't recommend them enough for the price range they are!

What are your favourite matte lip colours and brands? I always want to try more.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I absolutely love MUA lip lacquer and Wear it every day! It is so long lasting! I haven't tried their lipsticks yet but love how these look!

    1. it's fab isn't it! The lipstick doesn't last as long which is to be expected, but it's so creamy and soft :)