Glam Rock Queen with Navabi*

Sunday 5 June 2016

Sometimes you see an item of clothing and just fall totally in love and know you must be together. This happened with the Fringed faux suede cut out cover-up* from Navabi. We were meant to be. I love fringing. I love faux suede. We needed each other.

Dress - CowCow Clothing
Fringed faux suede cut out cover-up* - Navabi
Boots - Demonia

I mean you guys. You can't tell me that I don't look like the glam rock Stevie Nicks here. It's magnificent. The dress was a total unexpected bargain. Corissa from Fat Girl Flow shared a video on YouTube wearing a dress from CowCow who are on Amazon and I immediately had to go and hunt them out. They sell skater and A-line dresses in up to a 3XL that are actually pretty true to size. This was only $18.99, which is about £13. Well worth the risk at that price, and I will totally be buying more from them soon. It's a lycra type material, and I'm 5ft 11 so it's a good length too.

Now on to the important part of this outfit. That incredible fringed cover up. I love fringing. I love twirling. It's a perfect combination. It's faux suede and also available in grey which is lush too. It has little laser cut outs all over which add a really interesting dimension to the cover up.

Lemmy also loves fringing. My twirling attracted him so we had to have a sneaky photo together. We're so cute. I really like the length of this cover up, sometimes they are just a bit too long and end up catching on everything but because this is a bit shorter I haven't managed to catch on anything yet.

Looking back, my enthusiastic poses to show off the fringing are a bit 'Goodbye horses'... However, that's how much I love this look. Because this is faux suede it actually gives a surprising amount of warmth, so this is going to become my go to jacket for those summer barbecues that linger on into the night. It is also soooooo soft. So soft. Like a kitten.

I felt so glam rock and awesome in this look. I plan on picking up more of these dresses from CowCow and rocking this cover up all summer long!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*this denotes items that were gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. I adore this look and Cow Cow are no seriously on my radar, the whole thing really does have a Stevie Nicks vibe which is always a good thing

    1. thank you lovely! It's totally a favourite outfit of mine

  2. This is SUCH a fab look on you! The fringe is super summery. And as usual, your fur babies are absolutely adorable <3 xx

    1. thanks honey! I have a right bunch of cuties xx

  3. I freakin love this dress.... Cow Cow, like Vicky said, are now seriously in the running for some of my cash! Love this look, like with all your looks.... Also, looks like you had an amazing weekend lovely, you looked gorgeous xxx

  4. Such a lovely print. I will check out Cow Cow and hopefully I should find something I like! :)