Punky Pins Haul

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Punky Pins are a company I've had my eye on for a while, and having purchased some pins from them, couldn't resist snagging myself some more bits when they had a recent sale. They have all sorts of quirky jewellery and every now and then have a sale that is just obscene, with things for a £1! Most of the items I bought were last chance items, but I couldn't resist sharing.

This origami type necklace was too fun to resist. I loved the abstract shape and colours. I think this will be really fun with a plain top.

My not-very-secret inner goth loved this and couldn't resist it. A heart rib cage, my kind of adorable!

I feel like this necklace was made for me. While this isn't available as a necklace any more, it is available as a pin here, which I totally need too! What better way to upset the patriachy whilst also declaring my cat lady status?

One of mine and Stu's super lame lovey dovey things we do is make heart shapes with our hands at each other through the window. I know, we're lame and totally adorable. So I just had to get these tattooed zombie heart hands! 

Now I don't wear earrings due to having stretched ears, but I picked these up for my blog giveaway which you can find here! Cute acrylic spade earrings with my lucky number on.

These pieces all came really well packaged, and relatively quickly, especially considering how quickly all their sale items sold out! They must have had a serious amount of orders in a short time. I love their pins and plan on ordering some more really soon.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx


  1. Oh, the pro-choice pin is lovely - although I'd need it to say pro-dogs cause Sir Fergus might be a little miffed if i sided with cats!

    C xx

    1. hehe thankfully in my house Ashen the dog thinks he's a cat so it's all good! xx

  2. Oh my god! This is so awesome! Another interesting jewellery designer to stalk. Every time I visit your blog kitty, I develop a new obsession!

  3. These are really cute and quirky items, and that seems like one hell of a sale.