Photoshoot with Felis

Tuesday 5 April 2016

I've photographed the lovely Felis twice before, and was happy for a chance for a third shoot. She's a Suicide Girl and also models for Zivity which is what I photograph her for.

First up, we just had to shoot something cute. These adorable fox ears from Crown & Glory were just perfect with Felis' orange hair! Add a crop top and shorts and you have adorable.

Second we moved to a bed set up I like to use, but stripped back to a raw mattress. Lacy lingerie and a relaxed look was the way to go for this set.

How sweet is that bralet? I wish there was more stuff like that in plus sizes.

Next up, floortraits! I can't resist them lately. I love a good hardwood floor and it's good fun to shoot something from a totally different perspective.

Felis is the cutest!

Sorry for the censorship, but my blog isn't adult rated!The gorgeous golden flower crown is from Liv Free Creations and was a birthday gift for me from Alivya. With Felis's pale skin and hair the gold was the perfect compliment for her.

Our final set was something totally different! My Mum had some lilies that she let me sacrifice in the name of art, and I am so glad she did! We went for art nudes in the bath, so here are just a couple of the shots I can share.

Did you know that lily pollen stains something terrible? Even your skin. Poor Felis had yellow stains all over her by the time we'd finished this set. Oops. Sorry!

We shot a behind the scenes vlog during the shoot which you can check out on my YouTube channel!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

PS. Don't forget to check out my latest YouTube video!


  1. Love those fox ears and also her hair style and colour. Wish I could make mine like that without spending hours styling! Beautiful colours in the lillies too, just a shame they stain. Popping over from UK Bloggers thread on FB. :)

  2. Such nice photos and so colourful with her hair! Using the lily was an amazing idea :)

  3. She is stunning, that hair is to die for. Your photography is amazing too the colours are beautiful

  4. What a beautiful set of photos! Your model is so stunning, and the ears are a super cute touch - I love how they seem to have been made to go with her hair! xx

  5. These photos are amazing Kitty! I love the bath shots! Very American Beauty x