LA Girl USA Matte Pigment Gloss Review

Sunday 10 April 2016

I've gotten a bit obsessed with liquid lipsticks. There are so many brands I want to try, but I'm a drug store prices sort of girl, so I just can't bring myself to spend £15-£20 on one liquid lipstick. I came across LA Girl on Cocktail Cosmetics, a UK based site that stock a lot of US faves including Jeffree Starr Cosmetics and Sugarpill. I was hopeful LA Girl would be cruelty free as a lot of the brands Cocktail Cosmetics stock are, and after some googling I was happy to be able to confirm that they are! And so, an order was placed. I managed to snag these on sale on a different site, but having ordered from Cocktail Cosmetics before I can highly recommend them.

Left to Right - 

The packaging is a cute chunky tube with a matte top. The applicators are a flat doe foot shape, which I found made them a bit trickier to apply as with any matte lipstick you have to be really precise. While these are called a matte pigment gloss, they are your usual liquid lipstick style and not glossy at all.

I applied these left to right, so you can see how quickly they tend to dry. These are swatched in the same order I photographed the tubes above. I opted to swatch all of these on my arm as liquid lipstick can be tough to remove and I didn't want my lips to end up worse for wear.

Fleur is a lighter brown colour that looked like it would be a more subtle look for day to day. And I do occasionally do subtle!

It has quite a terracotta finish, a little bit more orange than I would usually go for but still pretty. I can see this suiting a lot of different skin tones too.

Bazaar wasn't one I was particularly excited about when I ordered it, but I thought it might surprise me, and I was right!

I really love the tones in this. It dried really nicely and is quite an unusual colour for me, but I love it! It's quite neon on the lips which I love.

Secret was an obvious choice. You just have to try out a good classic red! It's a pin up classic for a reason.

Secret has a slightly blue undertone which is exactly how I like my reds. My application was a bit patchy, so blame me, not the makeup on this one. I purchased an extra one of these to give away in my next blog give away, coming soon!

Blackcurrant was the darkest shade I went for, and probably the one I struggled with the most. 

It took the longest to dry by far, and I found it the patchiest. It's a lush deep purple that appealed to my inner goth, so maybe it just needs more patience than I had on this occasion!

Stunner was another easy choice for me, I love a good purple lippy, and this looked like a pretty colour.

Again, much like the other purple, it took a long time to dry and and came out patchy. It seems to have only been the purple toned lippies I had this problem with, as the others were all fine. On the official swatches I've seen this looks metallic and and a lot darker than it actually is. It came out quite lilac, whereas the swatches are a somewhat metallic darker purple. This is the one I was most disappointed with, it looks nothing like the official swatches.

Iconic just looked like candy floss, I had to try it!

Just look at that. It dried beautifully and looks exactly the same in the tube as it does on my arm. So cute! I think this will be a colour I reach for once spring really starts to appear.

In all, for £6.95 a tube, I was pretty impressed. The purples formula was disappointing, but I loved the other 4. I plan to get hold of a few of the other colours when I can!

Have you tried any of their range? What are your fave liquid lippies?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Wow what amazing colours, perfect for the summer. I really like the bright pink.

  2. I am obsessed with matte lipsticks too lol, but never tried this brand. Have you tried their translucent powder?

    Anna xx

  3. Wow, these look like they are packed with pigment! I'm a huge fan of matte lips so have really tried to get on with liquid lipsticks as I LOVE the colour pay off and finish. But I really struggle to get them even - and always fight to soften the harsh line I seem to get around the edge of my lips from application. Do you have any tips on how to apply them? I love them so much, and from this range bazaar and secret are right up my street! x

  4. I am so into matte lippies at the moment. I love that pinky/brown colour. Thanks for the tip.

  5. These are such amazing colours and so pigmented! I picked up one of the LA Girl concealers a few weeks ago and its amazing for the price! I may definitely have to pick up Bazaar ;) x ENABLER! x