Roswell Ivory Adventures

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Valentine's Day weekend the lovely Roswell Ivory came to stay with me for adventures and wedding planning! With Fal, one of my other bridesmaids, we had a mega trying on session and picked out a gorgeous dress for them to wear. So exciting! We hung out, ate pizza, watched movies. All that good kind of girly hang out type stuff. We also of course, squeezed in a quick photoshoot!

Latex by Yummy Gummy Latex. Isn't it so cool? I broke out my ringflash for the first time in well... at least 3 years. I know it's about that because it was in the garage rather than with my photography gear. Because I hadn't unpacked it from when we moved into our house. Oops.

Every model needs good headshots, and Roswell always photographs gorgeously. We started out with pretty makeup, and then we just had to go a little wild!

Poor Roswell got mascara in her eye doing this look. That's dedication to her art.

I couldn't decide how to edit these, so I went for a few different looks. It's such a strong makeup look I couldn't resist.

I just love that face!

Of course such an 'out there' makeup look called for a daft post-shoot selfie...

I love this girl so much. I'm so lucky that photography has brought her into my life. And to think the first time I met Roswell it was at my old job in Norwich, and I fangirled over her so bad because I loved her modelling. And now she is one of my bridesmaid! I can't wait to see her again in April for my hen do. Yay!

Much love,

Kitty xxxxx

PS. I did February's monthly favourites on YouTube instead, check it out here. I talk about the usual favourite things I got this month, and share some news, including the sudden loss of our sweet, beautiful Sinbad.


  1. I love this, the makeup looks amazing and it is definitely wild x

  2. Love the latex - it's almost so much fun to shoot as you can really ping the light off from it. Shiny fabrics are the best! :) The model is really beautiful too - how lovely that you have become so close via work!

    1. thanks! I love latex, I used to shoot more traditional 'fetish' stuff, but I love it in fashion and beauty work much more.