Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Radioactive Unicorn Nail Polish Pretties!

I've blogged previously about my love of Radioactive Unicorn, and I couldn't resist placing another order when they announced some new colours! I'm desperate to find the perfect colour for my wedding, so it's the perfect excuse to try them all.....

Satan is Super Kawaii #duh

They have the most fun names ever! Photographed in tungsten and daylight, the glitter in this is so fine and reflects so prettily. It's a really great alternative to a black, just more glam!

Creepin' it real

This is a gorgeous true silver, mega glittery! I took a more out of focus photo to really try to show off how glittery this is.

Kathy the original vintage doll (red)
Best Witches (purple)

Possibly an odd colour combo, but I was so excited to receive my orders that I figured this was the easiest way to try them out as quickly as I could! The out of focus photo really shows how intense the sparkle of these is. Photos just don't do them justice!

His Darkness Was Our Light (purple)
Man's Ruin (pale pink)

Photographed in tungsten and natural light, I couldn't resist combining these together! The mix of colours is just incredible. The blue really works in the pale pink, and makes it a real wedding contender, something blue and all that! The purple has hints of pink and blue too which is divine.

Killing Joke (spotty)
Sweet Zombie Jesus (green)

These two were just made for each other. Killing Joke is a nod to the traditional Joker colours and is so different from anything I've ever seen! This was 3 layers, so you can build up the spots of colour, or use it as a top coat with a single layer if you like. Sweet Zombie Jesus has a green foil in it that is awesome and shines so beautifully.

Captain Cadaver

I have never seen a nail varnish quite like this. A red, with both tiny black glitters, and larger ones. This is 3 coats with a top coat, and it has such good coverage. You can kind of swoosh the larger black pieces about to get a more even coverage which is neat. It's really spooky looking and fun!

Most of Radioactive Unicorn's range is on limited runs, so grab them while they are in stock or miss out! A good top coat is a must to really show off how glossy and wonderful these nail polishes are.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. WOWZERS! Look at these - these are incredible! I love how it makes a nail art look so easy in a few sweeps of the brush. I have never heard of this range, but will check them out stat!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

    1. aren't they so great? I'm terrible at painting my nails, but these make nail art easy :) xx

  2. wow amazing nail colours and finishes. The sparkly ones are perfect for parties.

    1. aren't they fab? I think one will end up being my wedding colour for sure

  3. You are officially a RU addict lol I love how my bestfriends little venture is steadily growing and I get to read blogs featuring the polishes X

    1. I bet you are just bursting with pride! She is so awesome, and her creations are bloody amazing, what's not to love? xx

  4. Can I Just Ask Do you Use a base colour with them or just a few coats of the actual polish? I have two and I don't want to waste a drop so am trying to find out before I try them 😊

  5. Can I Just Ask Do you Use a base colour with them or just a few coats of the actual polish? I have two and I don't want to waste a drop so am trying to find out before I try them 😊

    1. I don't tend to use a base coat as they tend to lift off in one solid piece if you do, so I use 3 layers of varnish and a top coat instead :)