Dee Dixon Photoshoot II

Tuesday 22 December 2015

For the second time this year, I worked with the gorgeous Dee Dixon. We had great fun the first time and got on really well, so when Dee let me know she was coming down my way again I leapt at the chance to work with her again. Last time she had blonde hair and rocked it straight, this time I was super excited to see her new blue and purple hair! All of our photoshoots are for Zivity, so check it out for the full sets.

In the winter I can never resist shooting sets with blue tones to them. I love a glamorous icy queen. With blue eyes, blue hair, a blue bed, this was perfect for a blue toned set.

This was actually the first set we shot, I wanted it to feel really retro and eighties with the bright colours. The pink lipstick, bright yellows, it's not the sort of bright I usually shoot but I love it!

Dee wanted to shoot some floortraits. Portraits on the floor... yeah I know. I'm terrible. I was more than happy to oblige! This Transformers leotard was perfect for these casual rolling around type photos.

These are just lit with two soft boxes from above, I really love how the light worked out. Dee has the prettiest pale skin.

I always love shooting on this bed set up, and this pink harness style lingerie was perfect for it. The mixture of pinks, with the flash of blue hair is perfect.

I can never resist a bath set! I mentioned shooting in the bath, and Dee brought along this mint bikini which was ideal. Her hair turned the water a lilac colour and she looked like a gorgeous pastel mermaid.

Those eyes. What a babe!

Post-bath, a slick haired fashion set was in order. The bra top is from Malice who I love, and the shiny skirt begged for the blue tones.

I love shooting with Dee, and hopefully we will again in the new year. 

Much love,

Check out our last photoshoot together here.

ps. Don't forget to check out my most recent YouTube video!


  1. Such beautiful pictures - really love your work!

    C xx

  2. Her hair is really striking in the shots, love it. Great images.

    1. Isn't it fab? Makes me miss my bright hair! Thank you :)

  3. Hi Kitty, Amazing photoshoot and you are so much braver then me. xx

  4. Ok so floortraits is now my favourite word.
    The photos all look so awesome- the blue tone gives everything a kick ass ice queen vibe ��

  5. Wow!!! What amazing pictures! She is GORGEOUS, and so are your photos!
    I'd love to do a shoot with you in the New Year xxx

    1. Isn't she just? We can SO do that lovely! :D xxx