Christmas at the Morris-Wood Household

Sunday 13 December 2015

Last year Stu and I decided that we were going to get a real Christmas tree. It would be the first time both of us had a real Christmas tree since we were kids. There is something about the smell of them, it truly feels like Christmas, and they just look so much better than a fake tree. We buy them from a local farmer whose son I went to school with, and then I decorate! And I do mean I. I get a little.... determined that the tree will be just right, and I like certain things, and for things to be evenly spaced. So Stu leaves me to it!

For the second year in a row, we have an ever so slightly wonky tree. The top of them always just seems to droop a bit. It adds character, I don't mind! This is a 6ft tree, I'm basically the same height as it so it's easy.

I have a thing about tinsel, so we have a totally tinsel free tree. I just think it's kinda... tacky and creepy? I've never liked it for some reason, so no tinsel, red berry lights, and lots and lots of baubles. As last year was our first real tree, I bought a whole load more decorations this year to really make sure it was full up.

I couldn't resist this glass burger bauble, Asda has some seriously kick ass decorations this year and I ended up paying them a visit twice over after seeing some of the baubles on social media.

A glittery tiger bauble was far too cute to resist.

A robot! He's so damn adorable. Super retro and fun.

Last year Sugar & Vice offered incredible laser cut baubles as part of their Christmas range. They haven't got them for sale this year, but I know they take custom orders all year round so it'd be worth dropping them a message! True Romance is a shared love of mine and Stu's, so this was an easy choice.

My beloved Rokki. My families cat Rokki passed away this year. He loved Christmas, so it seemed fitting to have him be a part of our Christmas tree. I surprised my Mum and brother with one of these each too for their own trees. I miss that furry little man.

A freaking dinosaur wearing a wreath. Another Asda special! Who wouldn't want a dinosaur on their tree?

An anatomical heart from Sugar & Vice.

This is from Sainsbury's, it reminded me of dragon scales, a bauble fit for a Khaleesi.

Butterflies are incredibly special to me, so our tree always has butterflies on it. These are sort of, opalescent and so pretty, I got a few of these from The Range.

One from last year, there are stags and owls all over our tree. I love a stag motif.

Oh yes, another Asda special, fries!

From The Range, I absolutely loved these and got 3.

Look at this owl's grumpy little eyebrows! Stu loves owls, so I had to get him. Also from Sainsbury's.

Another Sugar & Vice piece, everything not-so-secret-goth needs skulls on their tree.

Asda once again killing it with a flamingo in a wreath.

And finally, sorry Mum, from Sugar & Vice.

This is why I have the red lights, I look how slightly spooky but super pretty everything looks lit only by red. I like our tree to be kinda classy, but I couldn't resist the Asda baubles this year. I like our tree to be full of stuff we love, so owls, stags, butterflies and Rokki.

What decorations have you gotten this year? I know Asda had a whole load of other glass baubles including dogs, I just couldn't justify them all!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

ps. If you want to see my Christmas decoration hauls in their entirety check out my YouTube videos!


  1. Omg I want the burger bauble! so cute! Oh and fries one in your video. I'm a bit of a foodie so I love those :)

    1. Isn't it so cute? Asda did amazing with their baubles this year

  2. Your tree looks lovely! I'm not a massive fan of tinsel either, I can never get mine to sit right and it always looks tacky!


    1. Thank you! Yes! So with you, it's why we just skip it

  3. I love those baubles! The dinosaur one is incredible :) and that burger one really made me smile, so wonderful!

    1. I just couldn't resist them when I saw them for that very reason! x

  4. Your tree is great! I also only like a real tree, and I try to buy a baubel from a special place every year, so when I get my decorations out it's a little reminder of every year. Love it!

    1. thanks sweet! I think I will be doing the same, I only intended to buy the odd one this year... oops! xx