Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 was been a hell of a year. It's had ups, and more downs that I would care to remember, and there are loved ones who aren't here to see in the new year that I wish more than anything were here. I thought I'd do a little summary of some of the good bits of 2015, those moments I want to remember and celebrate.

I went to Tattoo Tea Party and got tattooed by Keely Rutherford. It was a really great event with some incredible artists, and it was fun to get tattooed in a totally different environment and see how I dealt with it. Plus, True Romance inspired moth!

I surprised Stu with a tattoo by Lawrence Canham for his 40th birthday. He was so excited, and Lawrence totally blew us both away with his work. It was so fun being able to surprise Stu!

I went to a Scarlett & Jo meet up in Sheffield hosted by Georgina Grogan. It was the first time I had met any other plus size bloggers, and it was so lovely to finally get to!

Festivals! Stu and I went to 2 fake festivals this summer, Boltfest and Feswich, and had such an awesome time. It is always good to get away from home with the one you love and adventure. These are both actually free festivals and so so good for free!

I got Botox! I vlogged and blogged about it, but the short version is this - I have had serious chronic headaches and migraines for the last 6 years that have left me in pain everyday, in and out of hospital, and generally limited in what I could do. Botox has given me my life back and allows me to live a pretty normal life which is something I truly believed was only a dream for me. I love the NHS!

I went to London and met Steph from Nerd About Town. Ever meet someone and feel like you've known them forever and just totally adore them right away? Yeah, that happened. What an absolute babe.

I got my tattoos turned into a lower leg sleeve by Keely Rutherford! I have one more session to go before it is finished, but I love my leg soooooo much. Isn't it the prettiest?!

I went to the Curve Fashion Festival and met more amazing ladies than I could ever have dreamed of! To be surrounded by so many incredible and inspiring people was just brilliant, and I met people I just know I will be friends with for the longest time. 

I did a whole ton of photoshoots but I'm going to feature my favourite photos of the year in a seperate blog post.

These are my top instagram photos of 2015! This was so fun to see. It's totally different from last year's top photos on my instagram which was all my photography of models instead.

And finally, but so so importantly, Sinbad joined our furbaby family! Every day all my fur children just totally blow me away with their love. I feel so honoured to be their Momma! Sinbad has been through such a trauma with getting shot in the eye, a new home, and losing his eye, and he is still the sweetest and loveliest little handsome man. He follows me around all the time and sleeps on my back. MY HEART <3 He makes me have all the feels. All of them!

What were your 2015 highlights? What gave you all the fuzzies?
Much love,
Kitty xxxx

I snagged myself some bargains in the Asda George sale!


  1. Lovely post - looks like you had a good year! This will be so nice to look back on in a few years :)

  2. I love your tattoos! So bright and colourful. Your kitty is just adorible. I hope you have a wonderful 2016 and it fills you with as much joy as this year has x

  3. I love the tattoos . All the best for this year xx

  4. Absolutely love this post, and your tattoos are amazing! Hope to see you more this year! Xx

  5. I love this post. Your tats are lovely & sinbad is gorgeous.