Tattoos and London Adventures!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Last week I travelled down to London for a night and managed to cram so much adventure into one day and an evening!

Wednesday night the first thing I did was meet up with my lovely bridesmaid Roswell Ivory for her birthday! There were brownies, mangoes and many political discussions. I bloody love this gal! So happy I got to see her for her birthday.

I then jumped on the tube and went to meet Stephanie of Nerd About Town who I was staying with. You know when you meet someone and it's like you've known them forever? That's what meeting Steph was like. Hopefully it won't be long before I get to see her again because we totally didn't get enough time together. Plus, her Mum is a bad ass!

This handsome beast is Blue. He had a belly that needed rubs!

EDIT - While the quality of their clothes isn't in doubt, I cannot encourage anyone to buy from Scarlett & Jo or support their business for ethical reasons.

Thursday morning I got up and had a cuppa with Steph's Mum, then ventured across London to Scarlett & Jo's headquarters. I had arranged to meet Lucia of U Can't Wear That and Leighanne of Bump and Beyong Blog. Both are total babes and I am so glad I got to meet them! As an added bonus, Mayah Thomas was also there! I'm a huge fan of hers but I managed to control my fangirling :D I didn't remember to take any selfies because I'm useless. Next time! I also got to sneak a peek at some of Scarlett & Jo's upcoming designs, and even try some on. I'm 5ft 11 and Gifi of S&J was eager to see some of the samples on a much taller than average woman, and I was more than happy to comply! And you guys, oh we are in for a treat, so much awesome is coming. Eep!

After that, I then went over to Jolie Rouge Tattoo Studio for a 6 hour session with Keely Rutherford. I'm determined to get my lower leg moth/butterfly sleeve finished for our wedding next year, so I decided to risk a long session, having only done small ones before. I like to think I was pretty tough, but I have to admit, I was hurting by the end and had to tap out. One more session of about the same length and we should be all done :D


Keely worked in sections, starting on the front of my leg, because it's what I see, and therefore where the space bugs me the most!

Keely wanted to add more different colours into the sleeve, and orange was the most awesome idea! She also added in more black and grey with some less detailed butterflies with I think stops it being too crazily coloured.

She also had the brill idea to do some butterflies using negative space, so did some smaller butterfly outlines in orange and purple, and then filled in the background around them. So cute!

Then we moved round to the side, and then a little on the back.

I couldn't handle that last bit of green background needed on the back/side here, but next time I will! Keely is so talented, and it's such a privilege to have her work on me. She's the only person to have tattooed me.

And some close ups! I love the touches of orange, it's like sunset explosions in the butterflies. Lush! I'll take healed photos and share them in another blog in a few weeks, currently it is well moisturised and healing.

I had such a fab time, the folks at Jolie Rouge were all lovely, special thanks to Manny the gorgeous apprentice who helped me figure out the London buses and made sure I knew where I was going!

I can't wait to meet more plus size bloggers at the Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester in September, are you going?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Such a nice time meeting you Hun! Hearing that someone fan girls me is so strange lol thanks sweetie glad to know someone loves my style! Hope to see you soon x

    1. Aw you are so welcome! Are you at Curve Fashion Fest?.x

  2. Absolutely love your new tattoo! It's so colourful and gorgeous. Next time you're in London we'll have to go for drinks!

    Lottie xx

    1. thank you lovely! For sure! Would love to meet up :) xx