New Look Try On

Wednesday 8 July 2015

I haven't done a try on blog before, but after popping into New Look recently and trying on a bunch of their summer pieces, I thought I'd share my photos and thoughts on them! From the looks of twitter, my local New Look is one of the few that still has an Inspire section actually in the store, so while we have it, I'm taking full advantage.

Purple Jersey Dress

Maybe I'm expecting a little much for £9.99, but this dress is just so shapeless and unflattering. The tie dye dress on the left is a New Look jersey dress from 2 years ago that I dyed myself, and I love the fit and style, and I had hoped this dress would be very similar, but it is really not. Everything I love about my old dress, is wrong in the new dress. The waist tie is in a different position which doesn't accentuate the waist as the original does, and the way the skirt section falls is just so... blah!

Black Ribbed Hanky Vest

I love a good hanky hem vest with a pencil skirt, and this falls really nicely, and the ribbed texture is a bit of something different. I have a few patterned pencil skirts this will look adorable with. Had to buy it!

Black Tile Print Dress 

I really really wanted to like this dress. The neckline is that adorable 90s style, but the fit is just, so off. The back of the dress gapes, but only at the top of it, whereas the front bust area is very loose. The waist tie doesn't actually go all the way round the waist, it's just a black tie that hangs from the middle of the dress which is a bit odd, and the skirt could be a bit fuller. I so wanted to like it! I've tried this on a few times now, it's just not happening for me.

Tropical Print Maxi Dress 

I love the print on the dress. It's so cute, and while black primarily, it's still very colourful and summery. The length was great on me which is always a tricky one, as I'm 5ft 11, and the waist sat just right. However, the bandeau.... it's elasticated at the top and it just made a lovely dress seem very cheap. I could just see it being a problem and wearing out very quickly.

Tile Print Midi Dress

The New Look website describes this as pink, and I have no idea why. It's more a mix of cream, with oranges and browns. The pattern is lovely, I like the midi length, but unfortunately as with the tropical maxi dress, the bandeau is that cheap elastic and it just ruins the whole dress for me. It had so much potential!

Orange Striped Bandeau Maxi Dress 

This is a colour and pattern that is very out of my comfort zone, but the horizontal stripes really attracted me to it. Despite being the same style as the tropical maxi dress, the bottom of the dress has less material in it, and it feels cheaper overall. And again, the top of the dress is that cheap elasticated fit. I really, really don't like that fit!

Overall, one buy of five items tried on isn't great. I could have easily bought the tropical maxi and the midi dress had they had a better bandeau, rather than the cheap elastic fit they had. 

Much love,
Kitty xxxx