Friday 5 June 2015

At the end of May, Stu, myself, and our friends Max and Mat went off to Boltfest for the weekend. Boltfest is a free festival, with some seriously amazing cover bands.

The Saturday - 

Dress - ASOS £30
Kimono - Black Dusk
Boots - Demonia

We travelled over from Grimsby, and an hour late, we were finally allowed into the venue. We went straight to the stage knowing Pantera UK were second on. I've seen Pantera UK before and they are fantastic, but I was absolutely gutted when the organisers cut their set because the singer swore. I understand that it is a family festival, but it really tainted the day for us, and the band said they hadn't been told about it, gutting!

The next stand out band, was Ozzbest. Again, I've seen these before, and I was desperate to again. The guitarist is Zak Wylde in another form, and the singer, well, he does Ozzy better than Ozzy does as far as I am concerned! They do a lot of Black Sabbath which always makes me happy, and really know how to play up to an audience.

I was glad to discover Bigfoot on the up and coming band stage. We stood queueing for the loos, and I heard this immense noise coming from the second stage, and I had to go find out who was playing. I stood watching for the rest of the set and Bigfoot have a new fan in me! They are sleazy, glam rock inspired heavy rock, and while I was still sat in the field in Bolton, I ordered their EP and a t-shirt. I couldn't resist!

Custom Skid Row Necklace - Sugar & Vice
Sun burn - all this idiot's own fault. Don't forget suntan lotion kids!

And the final band of the day, the stunning Guns or Roses. I've seen a few Guns & Roses tribute bands, and GOR are by far the best. Ridiculously talented and great fun, I hope to get to see them again soon! After Festwich last year when we saw them with Stu's kids, they were kind enough to get in touch with us on facebook and send us some signed stuff for the boys, plectrums etc, so they are a seriously great bunch of lads to boot.

Sunday - 

Dress - SimplyBe £30
Boots - Demonia
Added photobomb from Mat!

Sunday was a much more chilled out day. It was much colder, and still lots of fun. I know for Stu and myself, the highlight of the day was Mentallica. Stu is a die hard Metallica fan to say the least, he has several Metallica tattoos and has seen them dozens of times, and Mentallica always really get him going. They are so so damn good. Security disappointed me during their set. They tried to break up a very civil, harmless mosh pit. Who goes to a metal gig and doesn't allow a mosh pit? Ridiculous!

Next up, Pearl Scam! I have also seen Pearl Scam before, and they are bloody incredible, and they did not disappoint, easily one of the best of the weekend. The singer sounds so much like Eddie Vedder, it's insane! We've promised them fish and chips next time they come to Grimsby, which hopefully won't be long.

We were tortured by U2 Tribe, who were possibly the worst live music I have ever seen, and ended the day with Doors Alive who were a brilliant way to end the weekend.

I also totally have to mention Beets and Beans, an amazing veggie and vegan food truck that was at Boltfest. Nommy healthy food is hard to come by at festivals, least of all when you are vegetarian (chips all weekend? No thanks!), and their hot dogs and burgers are lush.

All in all, a kick ass weekend! Even if Stu did programme the sat nav to walking on the way home on Sunday night so a half hour drive to where we were staying would have taken over 5 hours haha!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

ps. We are going to Festwich again this year too!