DIY Jewellery Holder with Sass & Belle

Friday 15 May 2015

I have a little bit of a problem with jewellery. In that well, it fills my jewellery boxes, my drawers, my cupboards, I have kiiiiind of a lot! So recently I've been thinking about new ways that I can store my necklaces in particular, and thanks to Sass & Belle, I had an idea! When I tweeted about my idea, Sass & Belle were kind enough to get in touch and were excited by the idea too, so decided to send me the pieces I needed for it from them. What sweethearts!

And this is the finished product! A DIY jewellery holder made using Sass & Belle's amazing door & drawer knobs, mounted onto a piece of wood.

I had a lot of help with the actual making of this, so huge thanks go to my neighbour and friend Andy who was super enthusiastic and helped put it together better than I could have dreamed of it going!

Stag Head Drawer Knob £4.50
Rabbit Head Boudoir Drawer Knob in Cream £6.50

Andy was also responsible for this stunning piece of wood, it's actually part of the old bar our local pub recently replaced, which we are regulars in, so it makes it even more special for me!

Cat Dress Up Drawer Knob £4.50
Elephant Head Boudoir Drawer Knob in Cream £3.50

Andy drilled, and mounted each drawer knob, so that they didn't go all the way through the wood. By not having them sit flush to the wood, it allowed for more room to hand jewellery on them, without having to balance pieces on the decorative parts of the knobs.

Vintage Clock Drawer Knob £3
Skull Drawer Knob £4

I picked out drawer knobs that appealed to my personal style, spooky and cute, with a hint of nature. Sass & Belle also have adorable pastel drawer knobs, flowery patterns, cute animals, and vintage prints, so you can truly match your choices to your room decor. Of course I chose stags, because I have them all over the house, cats because I have kitties, the skull is creepy cute, the swallow is reminiscent of classic tattoos, and I just adore that elephant!

19th Century Eye Print Drawer Knob £4.50
Swallow Boudoir Drawer Knob in Cream £4.50

I love the intricacy of the cream drawer knobs, the designs are beautiful and look vintage and worn. They are sturdy and strong, so perfect for hanging jewellery on without worrying about breaking them. I was really impressed with their quality. The solid metal that screws through the wood is thick and affixed to the drawer knob itself incredibly well.

All jewellery pictured is from the fabulous Sugar & Vice, whose jewellery is the major reason for my needing more room for storage!

What do you think? I'm so thrilled with it! It came out so well, Andy was an amazing help, and Sass & Belle's kitsch range of drawer knobs was perfect for a unique DIY project. Thank you so much! I can now proudly display so much of my jewellery, and clearly be able to see my different pieces, as well as remove them easily.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

The drawer knobs featured in this post were gifted to me by Sass & Belle for the purpose of this project. In no way does this affect my opinion of the items, which are all my own.


  1. those knobs are SO ADORABLE.
    i def need something like this but budget 😭

    1. thank you! The drawer knobs from Sass & Belle are very reasonably priced, especially with such excellent quality

  2. This looks incredible! I love how all the knobs are different but also match! :D

    1. thank you! I spent ages picking which ones I wanted so they matched but were all different, so this makes me feel like I succeeded!

  3. Love this! If I didn't end up spending so much money on jewellery, I'd want to do something like this :o)

    1. Hehe I just can't help myself with jewellery!