The Last Sugar & Vice Subscription Box

Friday 27 March 2015

This month was the last ever Sugar & Vice subscription box for their Afternoon Tea collection. I am both super sad that it is the last one, but also totally understanding because it must be such a huge undertaking for just 2 people to do!

As ever, the box is arrives is stunning. The teal print is a lovely touch.

And upon opening, not only is there Sugar & Vice branded rock, but a tea and a candy necklace too. I love those little nuances that make their customer care so fantastic. As ever the bags containing the jewellery are black, so what is inside remains a surprise till each is opened.

The first thing I opened was this adorable purple brooch! It will be getting added to my beloved denim jacket for sure, so cute. It is not on their website currently, so I think it is the subscriber only goodie.

Biscuit Necklace £14

Available in vanilla, chocolate and pink wafer, this is so cute. A mix of wood and acrylic the detail is stunning.

Lattice Pie Necklace £16

Available in blueberry and cherry, I got the blueberry option. Again, a mix of wood and acrylic that just works so so well.

Macaron Necklace £14

That I got this necklace in lilac makes me super happy, purple is my favourite! It also comes in pink, yellow and peach. This is, quite simply, adorable! Certainly a favourite from the new collection.

Teaspoon Necklace £10

Now this is the perfect necklace for any tea fiend! It's a really cute design, the heart detail in the top of the handle is a particularly nice touch.

And now for some other favourites from the collection!

Macaron Bracelet £22

The pastel colours are so perfect for Spring, perfect to wear with your macaron necklace.

Battenburg Necklace £15

Oh my, battenburg is a favourite goodie of mine, and this necklace is just perfect.

Bunting Necklace £16

For me, this is the standout piece from the collection and my favourite. The bunting has roses etched into it and the colour combination is gorgeous. I love it!

While I am sad this is the last subscription box, I have found while I've been subscribed I didn't buy individual pieces so often from Sugar & Vice, so I'm looking forward to picking out favourites of the new collections to come instead!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx