The Serpent's Club

Tuesday 10 February 2015

One of the huge trends of 2014 that has carried over into 2015 is the use of crystals and gemstones in jewellery. One of my major problems with this trend is that looking around, it all seems to be the same. It all seems to be imported, generic and cheaply made. So I was so thrilled when I found The Serpent's Club! Full of amazing, statement pieces, I first ordered from them last year when I got my Auntie the Lau necklace. Oh how I wanted to keep it for myself, so so badly. She was lucky to get it at all!

So I could not resist when they announced a January sale and snapped myself up a Lilith, the big sister to Lau. A huge crystal statement necklace, yay!

I opened up the parcel, which was so carefully wrapped up in a whole load of tissue paper to really pad it out and protect it within the bubble wrap envelope.

The necklace comes in a dust bag which it is advised you keep it in, and I plan to!

And the necklace. I mean seriously, just wow. It is even more stunning than I had hoped! It is really heavy, the clasp is incredibly strong, and it is so clearly well made.

I had to share a close up of the crystal so you can see the detail within it, it's lovely! A clear crystal would just not have worked, the imperfections within this are what really makes it. Gorgeous!

And the necklace on so you get an idea of the length. I cannot wait to wear this out and style outfits around it. I've asked for some of The Serpent's Club pieces for my birthday so I have my fingers crossed!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx