Roses, skulls and antlers

Thursday 8 January 2015

The first outfit post of 2015! Is actually one from late in 2014 that I forgot to blog... oops!

Skirt - Ebay
Leggings - Sainsburys
Top - ASOS Curve
Boots - Demonia
Cardigan - Asda
Necklace - BloodyMary Metal
Eye makeup - Sugarpill

So during December BloodyMary Metal ran an advent calendar competition on their instagram, and every single day somebody won that day's advent calendar prize. I was super lucky and won this beautiful antler necklace!

It arrived the next day, so I immediately had to plan an outfit around it to wear! I snapped up the pencil skirt on Ebay as a total bargain, I think it was about £6 plus postage. It has a bit of a naff elasticated waist, but with the way I planned to style it, it wouldn't be visible anyway, and for that price I can't complain! It's washed really well, so I plan to grab a few more in different patterns and colours.

I wore this outfit to work, I try to always wear boots to work because I end up in the yard outside and it's muddy and icy and gross at this time of year. I love big slouchy cardigans and I've had this one for years now. It lives at my office so I can wrap up even when I forget a cardigan. I like that this outfit is super comfy but I think at least, also looks like I've made an effort. Ace!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx