My Favourite Photos of 2014

Monday 12 January 2015

So some of you will know I am also a photographer. I thought I'd do a photo round up of some of my favourite shoots of 2014. I am always looking for new people to shoot with, so hit me up if you want to shoot!

Alivya V Free, forever one of my favourite models to work with. She is stunning, has perfect skin, is a total sweetheart, and is an amazing hair and makeup artist too. She always trusts me to shoot whatever silly idea I come up with and is happy to experiment with new techniques.

One of those perfect lighting moments, with Alivya, was always going to lead to a photo I am proud of.

Technically, this is a test shot, but the way Bex H is pushing her hair back, with the composition, really work for me.

I don't shoot 'traditional' glamour as a rule, but this shot of Bex H is traditional glamour and I really like it!

Felis is a new model I met this year and have actually photographed twice now and plan to again. She is lovely, photographs so well, and loves cats. Awesome!

A tribute to the late Christine Kessler, that happened almost by accident. Felis posed, and I recalled a photo of Steen's that I loved, so I composed it like that shot.

I've known Jasmine Dukes for a very long time. We've shot together a lot and always have fun. Jasmine has a total heart of gold. This was shot on 35mm in a plastic toy camera.

This whole set is one of my favourites I shot this year for Zivity. It wouldn't have worked with any model but Jasmine.

Lily La Belle is a new model I met this year, technically, this was a test shot again, but it worked out wonderfully. Lily brought a great range of wardrobe and wigs with her, and these made this shot.

Madame Bink is a model who is incredible well known in the art nude modelling world. I've worked with her once before, a long time ago, and the weather totally ruined our plans. Thankfully we were much luckier this time and had a truly gorgeous day! Her long hair, hippy nature and general love of being outdoors are so inspiring.

Maja Stina is one of my favourite ever models. I worked with her regularly when I lived in Norwich, and we finally managed to organise a visit up to Grimsby to see me. I was so excited to shoot Maja breathing and performing with fire! I love shooting at night, it really challenges you. Outfit provided by Malice.

Maja also makes latex. She's super talented! And I adore her shaved head.

Another shot of Maja that I love. I just love everything about working with her! Long exposure, with motion.

Possibly my favourite headshot I took this year, any model who will draw all over themselves with lipstick in a shower is awesome.

I met Mary Burgers on tumblr, she's from Philly and is in the UK for a year, thanks to the wonders of the internet we shot together, yay! She has the most awesome doll face.

Seriously, that face. Mary is amazing and I hope we get to shoot again.

Missy Phillips has some of the best tattoos I've ever seen. She rocks!

I found Boneyard Belle randomly in a shop years ago, and asked her to work with me. She came to stay with me for a weekend and we shot so many different looks together.


No eyebrows, an amazing jacket, love!

She has the most incredible face.

I don't shoot many 'alt' models these days, I will always happily shoot with Boneyard Belle, who isn't a model, but a friend.

I had an amazing 2014 for photography, here's to an even better 2015! My aims are more diversity in models, more experimentation, and more publications.

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx