The Best Christmas Ever

Sunday 28 December 2014

So this Christmas I got something I wasn't expecting.... a fiancè! Best Christmas present ever.

We woke up about 7:40, and Stu asked if I wanted my present, I said no, let's just have a snuggle before we get up, and he insisted on giving me it. A felt bag that looked like Santa. I opened it and inside was a bag. I opened that and inside was a box. And inside that was a box. And inside that a box. And inside that, the box. I opened it. A stunning ring looked back at me, with a slip of paper inside, which read...

(Steff is my real name, but everyone calls me Kitty most of the time)

I freaked. I think I actually said yes about 20 times and cried for about the next hour I was so happy.

Stu picked my ring out by himself, and picked the right size. It's a black diamond surrounded by diamonds. It's absolutely stunning, so me and just perfect.

Isn't it stunning?! So glad my Mum got me to paint my nails! A lot of my family knew, and a lot of Stu's, as well as some of our friends. I had no idea! Stu asked my Dad for permission at his 50th birthday party back in September. Just wow. I can't believe he kept it quiet for so long!

My Dad took some photos of us with his proper camera that I'll post up when he sends me them, we are planning on getting one of them framed for the house.

I couldn't wait to tell my family, I facetimed my Nanna and Grandad and Auntie and Uncle, and got to tell my Grandma and Grandad face to face. Then I texted everyone else important, snapchatted my bestie and then posted on facebook because I couln't hide my excitement any longer and not tell everyone!

Happy faces! We are having an engagement party in February and we can start planning the wedding!! Yay!

Much love,
the happiest Kitty ever


  1. Congratulations!! How exciting and what a lovely way to propose.

    A very pretty ring and well done on having the nails prepped :p

    1. thank you so much! I was so pleased my Mum made me paint them on Christmas Eve before we went out in a sly way since she knew