Adventures with Mary Burgers

Saturday 20 December 2014

When Mary Burgers posted on her tumblr that she was moving to England for a year, to Sheffield no less, I was thrilled. I had previously messaged her and we had chatted about how much I wanted to photograph her and how awesome I think she was. I fan-girled quite a lot actually. So I figured I may as well message her again and hopefully I hadn't creeped her out too much! Luckily for me, Mary was super eager to shoot, yay!

We set a date for a cold December Saturday and as soon as I met Mary I knew I was totally right, she was indeed awesome and we had so much fun! Mary and I have quite a similar body shape, so shared the woes of plus size girls with bellies and no boobs, nattered about all sorts, and got to eat the most amazing brownies too.

First off, while it was still light out, I took Mary to my favourite woodland location and she looked all adorable. You would never have known it was barely above 1°c! She is a right trooper.

And of course, I got Mary in her pants.

My Mum's cat Rokki couldn't resist getting in on the posing action!

Dat face!

I also broke out my old favourite prop, Minnie Mouse ears.

I want to photograph more plus size babes so bad! Get in touch if you want to collaborate <3

I had the most awesome day with Mary, and I hope we get to shoot again before she runs off back to the US. She is a total sweetheart and we spent the whole day laughing, which is just the best sort of day!

Much love,
Kitty xxxxx

ps. If you want to see more of my photography, check it out here, Kitty Wood Photography