My first tattoo!

Tuesday 20 May 2014

I have been planning my first tattoo for a long time, in fact, this month it will be 9 years since I started planning it. 9 years ago this month, on the 26th, it will be 9 years since I lost a close friend. We both shared a love of butterflies, so it always seemed fitting that my tribute to Jess would be a butterfly.

I'm 26, a lot of people I know are in the process of getting their tattoo work covered up or reworked because they got it young, and just let anyone do it. I didn't want to be that girl. In the town I live in, there aren't any tattoo artists I would trust for what I wanted, so I waited. And I waited, and one day I came across the perfect person on instagram. That person is Keely Rutherford, I totally fell in love with her work, but sucks to be me, she is based in London. So I figured I would have to wait some more and save up extra much, but then Keely announced that she would be guesting in a few studio's up north, perfect! As soon as Loaded Forty Four in Manchester was announced, I booked in. Excitement!

Bottom right, it had to be mine! All designs Copyright Keely Rutherford

Initially, I had plans for a different first tattoo, but as time went on, I realised that my first tattoo had to be my butterfly, it just had to. So when I saw Keely post up some of her designs that she wanted to tattoo, I snapped up this butterfly, it was just perfect!

So the day finally came and Stu took the day off so he could drive me, the sweetheart. It was torrential rain and then bright sunshine the whole way resulting in pretty rainbows :D

off we go!

We got there nice and early, armed with sandwiches, energy drinks, pepsi and sweet snacks just in case my blood sugar levels got low while I was getting tattooed. The staff at Loaded Forty Four were all total sweethearts, they were all excited for me getting my first tattoo and made us feel well at home. I would totally recommend them!

Getting there with the outline!

And then finally, it was down to business. Keely redrew the tattoo a slightly different size, we got the position sorted, I requested some pastel greens and purples, but other than that let Keely have free reign on the colour. She even added these awesome bits of white ink to make parts of it look glittery, how cool is that?! Two and a half hours later (no breaks for me!) and we are done, the only bits that made me think ouch were the bits closest the crease of my knee, more tender skin.

Outline done, with some green outline too :D

This photo of it is fresh, it's still healing at the moment, just a little bit at the bottom to go :D

Seriously, how beautiful is my leg?

I was recommend bepanthon (which is a nappy cream) which has worked awesomely for me, it kept it well moisturised, no scabbing, and in the week and a half since I got it done it's nearly completely healed. Yay!

The lovely Keely working on my leg

I am already booked in again with Keely when she guest spots at another studio in Leeds to start on my other leg, can't wait! Keely is totally adorable, really professional, always checking if you are ok or need a break, and she made getting my first tattoo a wonderful experience. My butterfly was the perfect tribute to Jess, thank you Keely! <3 <3

Much love,
Kitty xxxxxx