Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Why I've Ditched Bras for Bralettes

Over the last few months I've slowly began to sneak more and more bralettes into my underwear drawer. I haven't bought any wired bras in a good while now, but I have bought lots of bralettes. And I honestly don't think I'll ever go back to traditional bras as a regular occurrence at this point, so I wanted to talk about why.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I've ever own a traditional wired bra that is truly comfortable all day long. I've been measured professionally, and I know I'm wearing the correct size, but they are just not comfortable for me at all. The wires in the side panels are the actual worst, they always end up digging in and hurting me. By the end of the day I have red marks and am constantly aware of my bra, I do not want to be constantly aware of my clothing. I want comfort and I certainly don't want my clothes to cause me pain. Bralettes don't usually have any wiring in them (I have come across some with under wiring in the sides only) so they are usually way more comfy. I know people are going to read this and tell me that I'm wearing the wrong size but I'm not, I just hate feeling constricted and a bra sometimes makes me feel so claustrophobic.

I have a mole right below where a bra sits on my rib cage, so one wrong move catches this mole and I really don't like doing that. I could get the mole removed sure, but it's not doing anything and it's healthy so why would I purely because of a bra? I also find that bras can irritate my eczema. My skin is really sensitive, and really dry, and a bra that sits just so can cause a flare up that takes weeks to heal in the space of a single day.

The other thing is well.... my boobs have been hard to learn to love. For a plus size gal, I have a small bust, so I've tended to compare myself to those around me and feel inferior. The women of my family are generally rather busty, so I'm totally the odd one out! My breasts are very wide set, the only thing that is making them meet in the middle is being tight laced into a corset. I've never met a bra that could do the job. My boobs are also two different sizes. Leftie is a full cup size smaller than rightie, if not a size and a half smaller. With a traditional bra you have to get one that fits the bigger boob, so leftie is left with a gap. It can be really obvious and I worry about accidentally flashing a bit of nip because of it! With a bralette I don't have to worry about that, the cups are stretchy and work with boobs of any size.

I have lived in padded bras since I was a teenager, anything to make me look like I had bigger boobs. My smaller bust has been a real source of anxiety for me, particularly because people expect fat girls to have bigger boobs. Not all fat girls have big boobs! The first time I wore a bralette was the first time I hadn't worn a padded bra in probably 10 years. That was a big moment for me. I was so proud of myself for facing my fear. It was so liberating! To stop hiding behind padding and be comfortable was wonderful.

New Look have been my real saviour for bralettes, I have several lacy ones, a mesh embroidered one, and even a harness bralette! There are a surprising amount of options for plus size bralettes these days and it makes me so happy. I need to invest in some that give a smoother silhouette as sometimes you can see the lacy ones through the fabric I'm wearing, and then I'll totally be able to ditch all my underwired bras for good!

Have you tried out a bralette yet? I really recommend giving them a go! And if you have any particular plus size bralettes you recommend, do let me know in the comments section.

Much love,
Kitty xxx


fashionmommy said...

I have big boobs and need the support that wire gives, but definitely think bralettes are more comfortable.

hayley ann Stewart said...

Well done you! Wearing what makes you comfortable is so important. I definitely have a smaller than average bust for a plus size woman, and have spent a lot of time struggling with the fact too. My mum is really busty, and my lack of boobs really made me feel self conscious and less sexy. Finding the right bra size for me went a long way to correcting that - my boobs are very bottom heavy and are not firm or perky so a good bra does wonders to my silhouette under clothes. However, since I've not been working so spend most days in pjs and have put on a bit of weight some of my bras have been quite uncomfortable when I wear them for long periods of time. Partly because I'm not used to it anymore, partly because they're currently a bit too tight, and partly because bras can actually be quite bloody uncomfortable. And I think it's a taboo to say so for some reason. So good on you for finding a more comfortable solution you feel good in! (Wow that was a long ass comment!)

Lubka Henry said...

I haven't tried wearing bralettes just yet, but I guess I need to get one, so I can make up my mind ;))

Stefanie S said...

Yes! To all of this! I have the awkward combination of large back and small boobs (which are quite flat and droopy) - recent attempts are putting me somewhere around 48 B or so which is a tricky size to find - so for years I've just worn stretchy crop-top things which have always been really comfortable but I've decided to step into the bralette world lately for variety (and thinner easier straps for under dresses etc) and got this one http://www.newlook.com/shop/inspire-plus-sizes/shop-department/curves-black-floral-embroidered-strappy-bralet_513617109 from New Look which is fab! So comfy and fits my boobs well.

Tanya Brannan said...

Love this post! I wish I could fit in a bralette as wired bras are hard work! I'm glad you've found something that works for you xxx

Charli Russon said...

This is amazing. Bralettes are beautiful and I never understand why people insist on wearing bras if they don't find them comfortable. There are so many alternatives out there and I'm glad you've taken the step to feeling more comfortable in your own body.

C x

Kitty Morris said...

I know a few bloggers who are much bustier who love a bralette, like curvygirlthin :)

Kitty Morris said...

thank you so much honey! It seems we have a very similar history with our boobs. Mine are totally top heavy though. I often feel bad for my preferring bralettes, like I'm a bad blogger, but I just love being comfy! xxx

Kitty Morris said...

I totally recommend it!

Kitty Morris said...

ooo I just got that one too! However I put it somewhere safe and yeah... I'm not sure where that is right now

Kitty Morris said...

thank you honey! You do have quite a er.... tremendous bust! xxx

Kitty Morris said...

thank you so much honey <3 xxx

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