Snake Woman OOTD

Thursday 31 January 2019

I am not the kinda gal who usually buys stuff when it's full price. I'm a bargain hunter, second hand, voucher code seeking kinda gal. However something came over me when I saw this dress, and I just had to order it. I had some Christmas money from my Grandma and Grandad I'd been keeping hold of till I found the perfect thing, and this dress was the thing!

Dress - ASOS £38
Jacket - v old Matalan. Like, probably 6 years old at this point.
Leggings - ASOS £10 (good length for longer legged babes!)
Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Bag - Mary Frances (gift from my parents)
Boots - old Yours Clothing
Necklace - BloodyMary Metal (one off, no longer available)
Rings - Mostly BloodyMary Metal, couple from random shops, and wedding ring by Celia Rose

I hadn't intended to take outfit photos the day I took these, but I tried this dress on and instantly fell in love, so it had to happen. It's not a colourway I would usually go for, but I just felt immediately powerful in it. I knew it was the one for me when my husband got home from work and instantly complimented it too. One of my fave things about is that the sleeves are actually long enough for me! At 5ft 11 dresses tend to be too short in length in the body and the sleeves, and the waist tends to sit in the wrong place. With this dress it all hits just right, I'd like to imagine it was designed with the taller body in mind. The only negative I have about the dress is that the belt is a little cheap compared to the dress, it's sort of plastic backed and I think it'll crease over time.

This dress isn't a colour I would usually go for, brown and yellow tones aren't usually my kind of colours, but in the snake print it all just worked for me. When you put something on that isn't your normal colour palette and feels so utterly fantastic, it's a win all round. Everything I'm wearing with the dress is old. I've had the boots a few years. The jacket I think I've had 6 years now and still wear all the time. It's been featured on this blog so many times. The bag is probably the most expensive item of clothing I own, my parents found it on a cruise in the run up to our wedding and my Mum rang me from the boat telling me she had found the perfect bag to go with my dress and that they were buying me it. I don't use it nearly enough because I'm always terrified of how expensive it was but I really should use it more to make it worthwhile.

I ended up with a whole bunch of goofy outtakes because Lemmy Katmister decided he wanted to join in on the outfit photos so here's one of my adorable kitties demanding attention. He matched my outfit wonderfully!

And here's me trying something different and looking utterly ridiculous whilst doing so.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. Something came over you the 1st time I saw you in that dress too...