Cashback This Christmas

Monday 3 December 2018

If like me you do most of your Christmas shopping online, a good cashback website is absolutely essential. While I'd love to support my local shops sadly Grimsby's high street these days is mostly pound shops and bargain stores, and therefore not the most suitable for gifts. This year thanks to Georgina Grogan I discovered a new cashback website that is really helping me get some money back!

I've been using Topcashback since I started Christmas shopping and already have nearly £100 in cashback waiting for me! I've been amazed at some of the cashback rates and offers they've had, I've saved money on orders I was making anyway thanks to discount codes they've had, and also received a percentage of each order back, up to a whopping 20% at times!

I haven't withdrawn any of my cleared funds yet, because I'm aiming to resist till well into the new year, then treat myself (and maybe my husband) with the cashback. Most major retailers on the site, I've bought from ASOS, notonthehighstreet, The Fragrance Shop, Cadbury and more with no issues. Even Just Eat and Dominos are on the site, so get cashback on your takeaways too! They often do offers where if you activate a link they email you and place an order within a certain time frame, they give you an extra few quid back too, even if your order is only 99p. Now I'm in the habit of doing my shopping through Topcashback it's easy.

If you join by my link below I get a little something for getting you to join, so please consider it!

I've been really impressed with it so far, the percentages seem higher than other sites I've used for cashback before, and every order has tracked no problem (which I definitely can't say for the one I used to use!). This isn't a sponsored post or anything like that, I'm just really happy with the site and wanted to share! I've got my Auntie using it, and one of my colleagues, and both already have over £50 cashback just from shopping they were going to do anyway for Christmas, so it's well worth the effort.

Much love,
Kitty xxx