The Coolest Denim Jacket Ever.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

I have a bit of an obsession with denim jackets, I've got red denim, pale, black, dark blue, customised, vests, and I always find myself eyeing up more. I recently got my hands on the coolest denim jacket ever and while unfortunately you can't buy it looking exactly like mine (sorry in advance!), I had to share it.

Isn't it amazing?! It's a reference to my favourite film True Romance. I won this jacket in a competition hosted by the lush Olivia Campbell and Simply Be. To enter you had to share your personal rewritten rule that you would get written on the back of your very own custom denim jacket. If it wasn't glaringly obvious, I'm a massive nerd and I spent years feeling really uncool and worrying about what people thought of me. You're So Cool became a little personal mantra for me. I might not be cool in the traditional ways, but I am cool in that I'll be your designated driver and make sure everyone gets home safe after a night out. Or if you ever need someone to answer questions about Pokemon or Buffy at a pub quiz, I'm your gal.

Fans of the movie will no doubt point out that Alabama Worley doesn't actually use the apostrophe in you're, and writes youre on the napkin she writes on. I just couldn't do it though. Can you imagine how many people would tell me I'd written it wrong and try to correct it whilst I tried to point out that it was a quote from a film and was actually correct? I do not have the energy for such nonsense!

So this blog post isn't literally just photos of a custom jacket you can't actually buy, here is an amazing mermaid shell bag by Skinnydip London that er... you also can't buy anymore. I nabbed this in the ASOS sale for £7, I just had to have it! I love Skinnydip bags but I have to admit, they tend to fall apart relatively quickly. The zips and fastenings always seem to fall apart. They are only good for occasional use, and I tend to only buy them on sale because I know they won't last well.

You can buy an unpainted version of the jacket from Simply Be, it's their Distressed Western Denim Jacket. It's a cropped sort of style, and a small fit, I'd recommend sizing up. I got it in my usual size and there is absolutely no way I am getting it done up ever. It's fine wearing it open which is how I tend to wear denim jackets, but if you want to do it up size up once, maybe even twice if you are particularly busty.

I took these photos in 30 degree heat and melted shortly after. Do not recommend! This is also why there are no photos of my face because I was a sweaty mess. I am also wearing the exact same dress I wore in my last outfit post. It's warm and the dress is super comfy and easy to throw on, highly recommend!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx