Colourpop Lips : Lux Lipsticks and New Theory Set

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Part 2 of my Colourpop Haul! This time, some of the lip products I ordered. I ordered a set of lippie stix called New Theory, and one of the brand new lux lipsticks.

I absolutely LOVE the packaging for this set. Butterflies and succulents are some of my favourite things so I just had to snap this up! The yellow is a sleeve that is removed to reveal the blue case below.

It comes with six lippie stix in a variety of finishes. The lippie stix have the addition of silver butterflies on the caps which is a cute way to tie it into the box.

Left to right - Ink Blot (matte), Sike (matte), Little Tings (creme), Lullaby (matte x), Fly-Fi (matte x) and Persuasion (matte).

Usually in the Colourpop lippe stix sets I find there are one or two shades that I would consider to be too light, but in this I didn't have that problem at all. I think my favourite shade of the bunch is Persuasion, I love purple tones and it's a gorgeous plum tone The creme finishes are a bit softer than the matte and matte x finishes, and the matte x is a truly matte finish.

The lux lipstick is a brand new product to Colourpop, and the packaging is totally different for them. It has a rose gold finish and is so heavyweight in comparison to their other lip products. It really really luxury and high end.

Left is Unravelled the lux lipstick, next to Persuasion, a lippie stix. It's another stunning purple tone that is perfect for summer. It went on incredibly smoothly in one swipe! The lux lipstick lasted really well for me, just drinking it looked exactly the same after 6 hours of wear with no feathering or wear in the inner lip at all. It also easily lasted through a lasagne! 

I know I'm going to get really good use out of all these colours, and I know they are really comfortable to wear.

Much love,
Kitty xxx