Colourpop Eyes : Green and Purple

Tuesday 8 May 2018

It's been a little while since I posted about my favourite cruelty free makeup brand, but it's time for another Colourpop haul! I'm going to break this up into a couple of posts as I bought a fair bit with money I was given for my birthday, so today is all about green and purple eye products.

The Super Shock Shadows are my absolute favourite eye shadow that I've ever owned. I have hooded lids so need a product that isn't going to rub and crease, and these are about the only product I've come across that just does not move once it's on. It stays bright throughout the day and doesn't shift, perfect!

This time round I opted for 3 super shock shadows, and one of the loose pigments. This is Snap Dragon and Up Shot (L-R) on the top row, and Special Delivery and Zoomship (L-R) on the bottom row.

Left to right - Snap Dragon, Special Delivery, Zoomship, Up Shot (dry) and Up Shot (Wet).

Greens are my favourite shade to wear on my eyes, I have green eyes and I think the green really makes them pop. Snap Dragon and Zoomship are mattes, they are incredibly creamy and smooth, they feel quite bizarre! Special Delivery is quite pale but full of different dimensions with the shimmer. Up Shot needed barely any shadow to make these swatches, but the wet swatch really helps show the colours and make it pop!

Purple is my other favourite colour to wear on my eyes, again I opted for a mix of super shock shadows and a single loose pigment.

Left to right - Ripple, Badlands and Daddy.

Left to right - Ripple, Badlands (wet), Badlands (dry), Daddy.

Daddy is a lovely matte tone again, it's a little paler than I was expecting but you could definitely build that colour up, these are one swipe swatches. Ripple is full of blues and silver tones, the photo really doesn't do it justice. Badlands is my favourite though, dry it goes on so pigmented, but using a wet finger or brush really amped up the shimmer in it, I'm in love!

One thing worth mentioning is that the mattes are unbelievably soft, you need to be really careful using a brush with them as you will smoosh the product straight out of the pan if you aren't careful. I recommend using your fingers to apply the super shock shadows for the most pigmentation, but it really is a must for the matte versions!

I never quite seem to get enough of these shadows and have quite a large collection now, but I never wear anything else!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx