Being Bridesmaid For My Bestie

Monday 15 January 2018

As a kid, I was an adorable bridesmaid for my Auntie. I'm still adorable, but as an adult, have only managed to be bridesmaid successfully once, despite being asked twice. Both of the times I was asked, I was asked by people I considered my dearest friends. For the full story on the unsuccessful time, you can read about my Demotion Story, and my tips for how I recommend treating your bridal party. But this post isn't about my failures as a bridesmaid, this is about my absolute joy at finally being a bridesmaid, for my oldest and dearest friend Fal.

So first thing, all these amazing photos are by Christopher Waud of Go!photo. He was absolutely brilliant, the photos are stunning, and he made everyone feel so at ease. He comes highly recommended from me (and the bride and groom!). At some point I want to book a couple's shoot with him, that's how much I love his work.

Fal and I met on 9/9/1999. I can be that specific because it's the day we started secondary school, and a very memorable date. We've basically been inseparable ever since. This photo is probably a good example of how much I love Fal. Note how squished my nose is with my enthusiasm for licking her face.

The morning of the wedding was a super chilled out affair. I spent the morning sat on the floor awaiting my turn with getting my makeup done, messing about mostly. We talked about controversial wedding photos, vagina steaming and why you shouldn't do it, and this was my impression of Billy Joel. Fal actually spent the morning waiting in the queue to get Billy Joel tickets for her and her Mum, she was successful so you knew it was going to be a good day!

At a guess, this smug facial expression was probably to do with me saying I had good eyebrows, or nice skin or something else about myself that I'm pleased with. I did my hair, but the wonderful Samantha Lyann did my makeup. I met Sam way back in 2007 I think, she was the first ever makeup artist I worked with as a photographer, and I've worked with her dozens of more times over the years. She's a good egg!

As Fal's bridesmaid, I had very few actual duties on the day. We set up the room the night before as best we could, and after breakfast finished setting up the rest of the decor. After that, my aim was to keep her calm, smiling and happy as the morning progressed. Before the final stages of getting the dress on, when I was totally ready, Fal wanted to sneak out for one last cigarette. Panic was starting to sneak in. So what's a gal to do when your best friend is about to get married and is nervous? Leap across the car park pretending to be Batman obviously.

Let's be honest, these are probably some of the best photos of me ever.

Our amazing bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS. Fal's bridesmaids varied from just over 5ft, to 6ft 3 (yep, not the tallest for once!), and a mixture of straight and plus sizes. Fal was adamant that her concern was that we were all comfy and liked what we were wearing. Well this dress from the Maya range looked amazing on all of us, was long enough for us giants, whilst somehow also short enough for the petite, and available in straight and plus sizes. If all brides were as thoughtful about their bridesmaids, the world would have a lot of happy bridesmaids! What a treasure.

Check out our paper bouquets, aren't they magic? Fal made them! Her wedding had a horror movie theme, and she used pages from her favourite horror novels including The Shining and American Psycho to make the bouquets, and to make table confetti. So clever and such a cool nod to what brought Fal and her husband together.

See, I told you, still adorable.

Chris the photographer very kindly took couple portraits of as many couples at the wedding as he possibly could. He didn't need to do that, but it's just another example of how above and beyond he went all day. What a star. You can also see my husband Stu's horror themed shirt to match the theme of the wedding! Isn't he so handsome?!

Fun fact, me and Fal are both married to our very own Stus! We like to joke that we've taken being best friends so seriously that we had to marry men with the same name. What are the chances of that? Fal introduced me to my Stu, so I'm forever grateful for that.

We may possibly have been somewhat drunk by this point. Maybe.

And a cheeky selfie with Chris the photographer! 

Being Fal's bridesmaid was a privilege. To be by my best friend's side on her wedding day meant the world. I basically cried happy tears on and off from the moment I saw Fal till the end of the night! The whole wedding was unbelievable fun, lots of dancing and being silly, good food, great company, and so much love. Fal's only desire for us bridesmaids was to support her, and be there to listen to her, and hold her hand when she needed it. I think that's what being someone's bridesmaid is truly about, about being by the side of someone you love on one of the most important days of their life.

Fal, it was my pleasure and honour to be with you on your wedding day. Thank you. I love you!

Kitty xxxx


  1. Oh wow, what gorgeous pics! I love the ones of you goofing around in the morning while getting ready, they're so cute. It looks like it was a beautiful day, and honestly those photos of you dashing around in the car park are some of the most joyous pictures I've ever seen! x

    1. thank you lovely! They are honestly some of my favourite photos of me ever xx

  2. You helped to make our day so special, kept me calm, you and Stu were a massive help setting up and our dancing in the evening was just spectacular. And you looked on point af. Thank you so much for being my bridesmaid. Love you Kitty/Billy Joel impersonator. xxx

  3. These photos are incredible. Big fan of wedding pictures that allow you to see behind the scenes of the day - I can imagine you and Fal giggling over these in some group home in about 40 years. Those bouquets are incredible, and I love the horror novel touch too - what a beautiful keepsake of the day.

    Much love to you, your bestie and your Stus.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Thank you lovely! Fal did such an amazing job, she's so creative and talented! xx