Bralettes with Tutti Rouge's Rougette*

Thursday 26 October 2017

It's been around a good six months since I last wore a wired bra, and it's one of the best decisions I've made for myself. I wear bralettes or non-wired bras exclusively, and the comfort factor is real. I've never worn a bra that was truly comfortable, so bralettes were the way forward for me. So imagine my excitement when Tutti Rouge announced their new Rougette range, which included two bralettes!

Tutti Rouge very kindly sent me the Madison Bralette* to try out. It's available in up to a XXXL and a FF/G cup. I'm wearing the XXXL in the DDD/E/F cup, the last time I was measured for a bra I wore a 42E/44DD. Plus size bralettes, especially in larger bust sizes are a rarity, so I was thrilled to try this. Leopard print is an absolute favourite print of mine, especially combined with lace. It's a sexier style bralette which is a rare breed in itself, as usually they tend to be a little plainer and simpler. It retails for £15, which I think is an incredibly fair price. I've bought bralettes on the high street for around the same price, that have nowhere near the attention to detail this bralette has.

It has smooth satin cups, a thick black elastic band, lace trim and little gold heart details and hardware. The whole bra, including the elastic, is really soft. I like to wear clothes before I review them and wash them, and this looks exactly the same after a couple of washes. Cheaper lace tends to bobble easily, this isn't the case here at all. My amazing tiger paw necklace* is by Sugar & Vice by the way, I'm obsessed with it.

The bralette has a traditional bra fastening and adjustable straps. As you can see, I don't wear mine at the same lengths on each side, most people find they have one breast bigger than the other, my bigger breast is around 2 cup sizes bigger. I therefore tighten the strap on one side much more than the other. One advantage of a bralette in this sort of style is that it doesn't matter than there is such a size difference between my breasts, because the cups don't act like normal bra cups.

I did find the elastic rolled a little as the day wore on, but I could probably have done with a slightly bigger back size as the XXXL translates to a 42 back and I'm just on the cusp of the size. Overall I'm so pleased with this bralette, and am excited to see Tutti Rouge release more bralettes in fun styles!

Much love,
Kitty xxx

PS. Shout out to my husband for taking these photos and giving me antlers in that last shot.

PPS. This blog is a first for me. I've only reviewed lingerie once before on my blog and I've never taken what I consider to be 'proper' photos like this for it. So I hope I'm not too awkward!

*Denotes an item gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.


  1. This bralette looks super comfy and is so pretty for a plus size sized piece.

  2. You look lovely in it. Honestly gorgeous, and I really like the pics alot. It's such a pretty style, I just found when I tried the bra leopard print version that the straps were too thin so they were cutting into me, and I need more hooks and eyes (A wider band). But am glad to see the bralette is working well for you :)

    1. thank you lovely :) I'm on the smaller end of the cup size spectrum for the bralette so it works for me but I can seen why it wouldn't for you!

  3. Not awkward in the slightest my love, and I'm thrilled to hear of some well-priced plus-size bralettes! I really like the black one on the site (I'm not much for leopard print), so I've got it bookmarked on the ever-growing wishlist.

    Lis / last year's girl x

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  5. Wow, these bralettes from Tutti Rouge's Rougette collection look absolutely stunning! The colors and designs are so vibrant and flattering. They seem incredibly comfortable yet stylish—definitely adding these to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing this delightful find.
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