Daisy Kinderwhore OOTD

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Every now and then I see a dress that I just have to buy. This time, it was ASOS with the dress that had to be mine. It screamed of the nineties and kinderwhore fashion and it had to be mine. And so it was done.

Dress - ASOS £28
Sunglasses - Quay Australia £45
Converses - Old (no longer available)

Kinderwhore fashion was loved by the likes of Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland; it was baby doll dresses and fishnets and boots, the dresses were short and the styling was easy. Kinderwhore was a grunge kick into feminism, it took all the good girl parts of fashion and screwed with them. As a woman who loves punk rock, seeing women in rock and roll be hyper feminine and bad ass made me happy, but as a teenager I never dared look to them for fashion inspiration. But the Kitty who is now 29 (eek) is all that those mini dresses!

This is a more 'casual' version of those classic kinderwhore looks, because it was way too warm for my biker boots and I didn't fancy platforms. I actually wore this dress on mine and Stu's first wedding anniversary for chips and cheese on the beach while we were away on holiday. Top romance!

I love a comfy over size dress and this is a lovely light fabric, so even on the beach it kept me cool. I stayed simple with the accessories wearing all my usual BloodyMary Metal rings and adding a BMM stag necklace. And of course, I had the best accessory in the form of our pooch-face Ashen. I swear, he poses way better than I do!

Maybe by this point he was a little bit fed up of posing! He is a handsome beastie. ASOS have another dress in this sort of loose fit shirt style and I might just have to get my mitts on it. It's definitely become a new fave very quickly.

Disclaimer: I walk Ashen with a harness (he was arthritis and it helps his be more comfortable) and I totally fell over after taking these photos on the wet decking outside our log cabin leaving me with some epic bruises. These photos also really make me realise I need more leg tattoos.

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. I do like that dress - I'm a bold print kind of gal.

  2. Looking gorgeous, that dress is so cute! I can't resist anything with daisies on it! xo

  3. Kinderwhore was my go to style forever! Just saw this on Lottie L'amour today. You guys both look adorbs! For me it's very drew Barrymore this dress.

    1. I think we both ordered it the day ASOS put it online lmao, it's so us! Thanks lovely xx