A Curly Girl Update

Thursday 27 April 2017

I'm now a month into the Curly Girl Method and I thought I'd share a little update with you! You can read my first blog post about it here if you want more info on the method itself and what I do. The short version, I've ditched conditioner and now only using 'curly girl' approved conditioners to wash and style my hair.

So here is the before....

One wash on the left, and two washes in on the right.

And here I am one month in! I'm genuinely amazed at the curls that have appeared. Disclaimer, I have cut about 6 inches off my hair because it was in dire need of it, but just look at it! Particularly at the front there are so many more ringlets. It's so cool! Particularly in my fringe area it's so ringlety now. 

I can now easily go 4-5 days between washes if I want to and my hair doesn't really get greasy. It used to be greasy by day 2 and I was a total dry shampoo fiend so this makes me very happy. I've gotten so many compliments about my hair and I'm so pleased with the way it's changed.

I think I'll probably do another update in 6 months or so to see how it's getting on! I'm very tempted to get my ombre re-done as with the chop it's mostly grown out and I do really like it.

Much love,
Kitty xxx

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  1. Oh wow, this is looking so much thicker and bouncier. I love it!

    C x

  2. It's really made a difference hasn't it? I'm amazed how many more curls you have.

  3. Blimey, so much more curly. I'm still relying on my Babyliss Curl Secret but getting extra curl without the need for a tool would be a massive time saving. Tx

    1. I've been so impressed by how much it's improved! x

  4. Your curls look
    Amazing. I see a big difference.