Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows

Thursday 23 March 2017

I love Colourpop's super shock eyeshadows, so when they announced they were releasing pressed eyeshadows I had to order some. They sell them in individual pans and you can make your own palettes.

The palettes are classic Colourpop packaging. White with silver stars and font. They feel nice and sturdy in your hands and can be wiped clean if needed. It has a window so you can see the eye shadows inside without needing to open the actual palette which is really handy.

The inside of the palette is metallic, it has a silver base with room for 4 eye shadow pans.

The top of the palette is metallic purple with silver, the 'made you look' is a really cute touch! There isn't a mirror in the top of the palette which I would have liked, but because it's a make your own palette you need the space the mirror would normally be in for the window so you can see what is inside. 

The eye shadows are sold individually, and come in cardboard slips, and inside they are safely contained in plastic wallets that totally cover the eye shadow. 

Each eye shadow is inside a small metal pan which fits easily into the base of the palette. The base of the palette is magnetic so once the pan is inside the palette it is totally secure. They are easy to remove if you want to change the shadows, I used a kirby grip to just pop the shadow back out. The shadows have their name on the bottom of the pans, so you can know which one you are using.

Most beauty rules will tell you that if you have green eyes you shouldn't wear green eye shadow, however I absolutely adore the combination so screw the rules.

Left to right this is Team Captain, Checkmate, Sideline and Changer.

Left to right - Play by Play, Up and Up, Backseat and Goody Two-Shoes. This palette is a bit more of a random mix of colours but I couldn't resist. 

I love the idea of making my own mini palettes. Often palettes contain colours I won't use which seems a bit of a waste, but this way I know I'll use all the colours. The pans are $5 each, and when I bought these if you bought 4 pans you got a free palette to put them in too. You can get pre-made palettes that are $18 each but none have been my sort of colours so far. They are fairly inexpensive, so even with customs fees to get them into the UK I'm still happy to pay for them.

I'm excited to see what colours they do next!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx


  1. This is a great way to make your own palette. Loving the shades you've chosen :)

  2. This is so cool! Customised palettes are the absolute best, and so compact for travelling with too! I can't believe the individual pans are just $5 - I really need to get on board the Colourpop train! x

    1. there are so many fun colours, you'll love them x