A Very Oh Squirrel! Christmas

Tuesday 22 November 2016

In the run up to the wedding I was lucky enough to have an amazing hen do, and my Mum bought me a sash from a fab company called Oh Squirrel. It was absolutely beautiful, and custom! I'm tall, and plus sized, so I had a longer length made and the lovely lady Katie behind the company was so easy to deal with and really sorted me out. You can see my outfit and sash at this blog post here.

I recently got a message on twitter from Oh Squirrel thanking me for posting about them on social media and sharing their sash so much, and wanted to send me a little something from their new Christmas range to say thank you. Such a lovely gesture, and I decided I just had to share what they sent me because it was all so lovely!

I opened up the parcel and this awesome card greeted me (geddit? haha). I love the font on this, it's so cute.

Inside was a variation on the 'Bloody Brilliant' Gift Box, but with some extra goodies! This little star pouch has a pink zip top, and even the inside is printed fabric too.

It's so pretty! 

This print genuinely made me laugh, and is exactly the sort of card I'd send someone. It's glittery and magical, and I want to send them to everyone I love. Please make them into a card!

In the Bloody Brilliant box you get a gold foil pencil, but Katie very kindly sent me a whole pack of them! These are a pack of her 'jolly good' pencils, and I cannot wait to take them into work. I use pencils every day and now I have some really fun ones that are all mine.

This was such a lovely surprise, and I know I'll smile every time I pick up one of my new pencils. It's so important to support small indy brands, and then for a brand you've supported to do this, it makes me all fuzzy inside. I wasn't asked to post about this thank you present, but it was so thoughtful and unexpected that I just had to.

Thank you Oh Squirrel!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. I am loving your pencils - they are so cool. I can see how they would make you smile when you pick them up.

  2. Oh that's adorable, they sound like a really nice company. Will go and check out their site now.

  3. This so cute, and a great idea for affordable Christmas gifts. I know a few people who would love this! :)