Cruelty Free Makeup Haul

Tuesday 4 October 2016

At this point I kind of have to admit that I have a problem. A lipstick problem. Or any kind of lip product really. I'm obsessed and forever wanting to try out new brands and colours. Today I finally got my mitts on a brand I've wanted to try out for a while, Kat Von D.

I tried out Kat Von D through a beauty subscription called Love Me Beauty. To get yourself £21 worth of credits sign up with my code 


I signed up for the monthly version which is a rolling subscription at £10 plus p&p. You get 60 credits for your £10, and then can spend the credits on anything in their monthly edit. I signed up because this month had Kat Von D samples! It came in the cute canvas bag above, with 3 products inside. Each was 20 credits.

I got sample sizes of the studded kiss lipstick in Magick, the liquid lipstick in Outlaw, and the ink eyeliner.

The studded kiss lipstick has just the coolest packaging, I love the casing so much. It's so rock and roll. Magick is a cool toned pale pink that I think would suit any skin tone, and be very wearable on a day to day basis.

I also picked up some metallic liquid lipsticks from MUA, part of their Luxe collection.

I just had to get Spark, because it's me, and I love purple, Luster is a more subtle fawn colour, and Blaze is a browny red.

Left to right are Spark, Luster, Blaze, Outlaw, Magick and the ink liner. This is shot in natural day light in the shadows. Unlike most metallic liquid lips, these are a gloss formula. Most of the so-called metallic mattes don't actually dry down fully anyway, so I don't mind this at all. They go on pretty evenly, Luster in particular is really smooth and goes on like a dream. Outlaw is an absolute treat. That is one swipe and it is perfect. Magick is smooth and lovely, and the ink liner is really clean too. I'm not usually a fan of felt style liners as they can drag a bit, but this didn't. I'm looking forward to attempting to learn to do an actual cat eye flick with it!

I just had to share this shot of the metallics in the bright sunshine, look at that beautiful glitter and shine! I think the burgundy colour Blaze is a perfect Christmas colour.

I had to test out their staying ability. As glosses the metallics don't really have any, Outlaw budged a tiny bit, after being on my arm for about 5 minutes. Magick does smear but again, as a standard lipstick that's to be expected.

I know Kat Von D has had her controversies because of the names of some of her products, but vegan and cruelty free brands can be hard to come by so I wanted to try them. What are your favourite cruelty free brands? I'm always looking for more to try out.

EDIT - I wrote this blog before Kat Von D's recent comments about being colour blind when called out on her lack of diversity. I do not agree with these comments and will no longer be supporting her products.

Much love,
Kitty xxx


  1. Loving that little canvas bag! Sounds like a great subscription offer.

    1. This month has no cruelty free brands so I've cancelled it sadly!

  2. I've never tried this brand, but those colours look stunning! I'll have a look to it x

  3. Those colours are dreamy. I missed those colour blind comments thanks for the heads up.

    1. I think it's important to share info like that, sadly there are so many brands who do stuff like that and I can't support it!