Give Me Lace Wingz*

Sunday 18 September 2016

Wingz are a company I've been aware of for a little while, but until recently I didn't quite 'get'. They make something totally different, they make sleeves that can be added to any outfit. Sleeves! What one earth would you need separate sleeves for? They started out with plain jersey styles to begin with but have recently expanded their range bringing in some lace styles, so when given the chance to review them my inner goth was more than happy to!

I'm wearing the new stretch lace Wingz in 3/4 length sleeves in black*. Once I had these, I finally got it. All those cute dresses and tops I have that I don't wear come autumn because it's too warm to wear a jacket over them, but too cold to go sleeveless? These are the answer. Any top without sleeves can be turned into a new part of your autumn wardrobe just by popping these on underneath.

Wingz are like a crop top you pop on over your bra, that is open on the bust. I'm wearing the size 3 which is a 22-26 and it fits me just fine, and I am a very broad 26. The material is nice and soft and stretchy, so if you have bigger arms they should be no problem. I'm ft 11 and they sit just below the elbow on me which I think is a great length. The pattern is lovely, and the scalloping at the hem is a really nice touch, much prettier than just a straight finish. I found these slipped a little but when I first put them on, but it was more my error when dressing myself that caused this, than the Wingz themselves. They have a video on their website showing the best way to put them on here. Once I had that right, they didn't budge.

I don't think these would work with spaghetti straps because you'd be able to see the elasticated parts of the Wingz, but any top or drop that is sleeveless will be ideal. I wore them under an older Simply Be dress that I love and you couldn't tell that they were part of the dress.

If you aren't the most comfortable with your upper arms, which seems to be a sadly all too common insecurity for us plus size folks, these mean you really can buy that LBD you saw and wished had little sleeves, because you can add those sleeves yourself! They have chiffon versions, split sleeves and jersey material in a variety of colours, they can add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe! It means being able to bring those cute dresses into autumn with you, and being able to add an extra layer of warmth without adding and bulk.

A brilliant concept, and one I'm sure I'll rock this autumn!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*indicates an item that was gifted to me for review purposes. In no way does this impact upon my opinions which are entirely my own.

PS. You have no idea how hard it is to pose to show off your arms, I am the awkwardest!


  1. They sound lovely, sometimes I need a bit of extra cover up/protection for colder months and they just add something nice to an outfit! I'd not heard of this brand though, I used to just cut up old fabric #craftygal .

    1. I have no sewing ability at all haha, so these are perfect for me!

  2. What a fantastic idea. I'm always looking for a cover up with sleeveless tops. Now I don't have to reach for my cardigan.

  3. This is such an excellent idea! I have so many dresses which I never wear come the Autumn, as even with cardigans, they're just a little too thin. This would really help to bulk them up a little - I must check them out! x

  4. Dude! Shut up these pictures are amazing. I love my wingz and now I totally want a lace pair too!

    1. Aww thank you honey! I felt so awkward trying to pose for them haha. Have you seen the chiffon ones too? They've really expanded!