Curve Fashion Festival 2016

Tuesday 13 September 2016

This was my second year attending the Curve Fashion Festival, this year hosted in lovely Liverpool! it brings together plus size brands to showcase different fashions with catwalk events, talks and more. But for me, the day is really about the blogger friends I see there, they are what makes it a brilliant day for me.

What I wore! A fabulous 'Kitty' tutu (named after me!) by Tutu Factory*, a super old top that I've cut the tag out of, heels from Yours Clothing, and necklace by BloodyMary Metal. Big thanks to Hollie of Pretty Big Butterflies for taking this for me! I wanted cute but comfy and this definitely fit the bill. I don't usually wear heels, but these are so easy to wear and soft on the soles of your feet. They've had them in rose gold so I'm desperately hoping them come back in in my size!

Me, Sarah of Plus Size & Proud, and Debz of Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess all wore tutus, so we had to have a photo together! Mine and Sarah's are both Tutu Factory, and Debz's is Society+. I love that you can see what the same thing looks like on two completely different body types! I'm 5ft 11 and Sarah is 4ft 10, but we are wearing the same style tutu, though mine is the longest length they do and I suspect Sarah's isn't.

So I met Naomi of Diamonds & Pearls, and wow does she just light up a room! Her smile is so infectious and she's so sweet. And you know I just had to spend most of my time with my darling Steph of Nerdabouttown. I just completely adore her!

 The lovely folks at SimplyBe kindly sent me to TCFF, so huge thanks guys! Even if it did take me and Steph 4 photos to figure out how to use your photobooth properly haha.

I missed Gloria Shuri Henry last year, so I wasn't going to do the same again this year! I happened to be in the lobby as she arrived so took her photo and got a selfie before we wandered for a bit. Gloria and her husband are total dolls and I'm so glad we got to chat.

I had to get another selfie with Tess Holliday. She was super busy so we didn't get much chance to chat, but me and Steph had a good natter with Nick Holliday about music. Baby Bowie was there too, he just slept all day, such a quiet good baby!

I also met the hilarious Sandi and Sandra of Gogglebox. These ladies are just a whirlwind of laughs! What treasures!

Big thanks to these two lovelies who made my day by wanting their photo taken with me! When you blog it can be hard to know who is really reading what you write, or who is it impacting upon, but to have someone come up to you in person and tell you that they read your blog and find you inspiring, it's so humbling. Thank you so so much, you made my day!

In total contrast, I once again turned fan girl for Hayley Hasselhoff who remembered me from last year which absolutely made me smile. I mean, just look at her! Looking at this photo I seriously need to learn to do my makeup better, that highlight!

And finally, I got to meet Bethany of ArchedEyebrow in person after much nattering on twitter, and she's just as awesome IRL as she is online. She's exactly the same. So I had to drag her in a photobooth with me. Look how good we look!

I did not take nearly enough selfies with people, I always end up forgetting and getting carried away on the day. TCFF is a fantastic day because of the people who attend it. Spending time with all the bloggers I talk to everyday online is a rarity, so getting to have so many of us together is a real treat. There is shopping to do, and catwalks, and a couple of talks, but there isn't that much to do if you don't know a lot of the people at the event. It's still in it's infancy so hopefully will continue to grow and improve! It's one of the few events up North so much easier for me to attend than anything in London. As a blogger I love the event because of the people there, but if I wasn't a blogger I don't think I could make a proper day of it like we did.

Thanks to Alfie for the group shot!

Thank you so much to everyone who let me take their photo for new project She Might Be... you'll find out more real soon!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

*Thanks so much to the Tutu Factory for dressing me!


  1. Looks like you had a ball. The colour of your tutu is just amazing.

  2. Looks like you all had a fab time. I love fun events.

  3. I missed out on a selfie with you this year! Doh!!!!

  4. AWESOME! But where are the boys!AAAH ;-P xo
    Yaya Van Chique

    1. there were some guys there but none I knew, it's quite a female-centric event :)

  5. Feel like an imposter in the group shot as I'm not a blogger! Can't wait to see the individual photos. Sarah.

  6. Oh wow, it all looks so awesome - I'm loving the tutu girl gang photo! :)