My Pin Collection!

Sunday 6 March 2016

I love a good pin. I always have. From my days as a teenage greebo (or skater for those not from Grimsby), I can never resist a pin. I used to cover bags with them, but now I have a new project, a denim jacket!

I have so many plans for more pins on this jacket, but I couldn't resist photographing it and sharing it as is. I'll probably end up rearranging them as I think the pins under the lapel will be slightly hidden when I actually wear it.

I have a pretty varied mix of styles and types, and I am forever on the hunt for more, so do let me know your favourite pin companies!

Glitter Moon - Peppermint Puff
Eye and Bat - Peppermint Puff

I've had these pins for a long time but haven't used them yet, I love the creepy cute eyeball! These are nice and sturdy, and the glitter in the moon catches the light so well.

Beam Me Up - Amazon
Romulan Star Empire - Amazon

Um, if you didn't know that I'm a trekkie, you do now. I love that the Romulan Star Empire pin is subtle, for the proper nerd! I'm curious to see if anyone gets the reference when I wear it.

Butt - Punky Pins
Yeah I Know - Punky Pins
Saturn - Punky Pins
Death Head Moth - Punky Pins
RIP Grave - Punky Pins

A mix of pretty and goth, I love the sassiness of the Punky Pins range, they have such cheeky phrases on their pins! And that bat is just adorable, he has the sweetest little face. I love mixing typically 'girly' colours with more gothic designs, it's my style in pin form.

You're so cool - Red Temple Prayer

True Romance is my favourite film ever, and it's one of the things that brought me and Stu together. I had to have this pin! I'm not normally one for gold, but I thought the legs and roses pin matched the Alabama pin wonderfully.

Pineapple and watermelon - Kim-Anh Nguyen for Red Temple Prayer

I love classic tattoo imagery, so these Red Temple Prayer pins were an easy choice, and I think moths are adorable. All of these came from outside of the UK and arrived really quickly and well packaged.

Stegosaurus - Punky Pins
'Don't be a prick' cactus - Punky Pins

Who doesn't love a dinosaur? Punky Pins have a few different types of dinosaurs and all different colours. And combining my love of cactuses with a sassy phrase is so me. This cactus pin has a slight tendency to turn around and end up upside down because the pin is at the base of the cactus, but it's so fun I can forgive it.

I have serious lust for so many pins right now. This jacket needs way more before I'll be happy with it. I'm also considering cutting the sleeves off and making it into a waistcoat, as I have a normal denim jacket I've modified and love.

Sugar & Vice Puns

I love me some Sugar & Vice, and their new pin range is seriously amazing! They have both enamel pins and adorable acrylic brooches that are larger too.


You know I'm a cat lady, and I couldn't resist sharing these. All of the adorables!

Aren't they all the cutest?

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. Ive never thought about adding pins to things, but these are all so cute!!! I love the one that looks like an axcelotl

    1. Isn't it so cute? I love those little creatures

  2. This is such a cool collection! I LOVE the new ones coming up from Sugar and Vice and totally have my eye on them!

  3. Wow you have so many cute pins! I like pins but I'm SUPER clumsy so would probably poke myself!

    1. thanks lovely! I'm surprised I haven't so far to be honest lol

  4. Lovely pins you got here. So unique and stylish.