A Morris-Wood Wedding : Using Indy Suppliers

Thursday 17 March 2016

One of the things that is really important to me about our wedding suppliers, is that wherever I can I want to use independent and small businesses. As someone who works for a small business, I know how important it is to buy local and indy. It can mean some extra expense because their products aren't being mass produced in factories, but the extra care and love they can give is worth it. Using indy supplies also means more uniqueness in your wedding! If you aren't buying off the high street, there is much less chance of someone you know having used similar in the wedding, or even the exact same thing.

Buying independent means you are supporting individuals, rather than giant, faceless corporations. It isn't someone dodging tax and paying fat cats, it is a family being able to pay their mortgage. It is someone paying all their bills on time. You are helping someone creative be able to support themselves, and that is bloody amazing.

So I'm going to share with you my suppliers! Many of these are people I know and love, and have been lucky enough to work with. Hell, one of them is even one of my bridesmaids too!

Alivya V Free in Creations by Liv Free hair accessories, makeup by Liv Free, photographed by me.

So not only is the gorgeous Liv one of my bridesmaid, she is also my hair and makeup artist on the big day itself! I have worked with her on many photoshoots and she is so so talented, and she also knows me well enough to make sure I look like me, just like the best possible version of me! Liv also happens to be an incredibly awesome milliner/accessories designer. Originally I planned on having her re-work my Mum's veil into something for me, but a slight hiccup occurred in that actually, it was destroyed when my parent's house was flooded 10 years ago and we all just sort of forgot. So now I'm on to plan B, and just have to come up with something that Liv can make me that is new!

Photos copyright to Donna Craddock of ClickClick Bang Photography

Before Stu and I were engaged, we went to a fake festival, and we bumped into Donna of ClickClick Bang Photography. I introduced her to Stu as the woman who would photograph our wedding if we ever got married. I've met Donna a handful of times in person, but have followed her online for years, and consider her an internet friend. Her wedding photography really speaks to me. She has this ability to capture all those happy moments, but also has such vision that she uses the environment about her i ways most people couldn't even dream of. Your wedding photography will be something you look at for the rest of your lives, make sure you book a truly kick ass photographer like we have! We booked our wedding around Donna's availability. Be prepared to do that if you truly want the best.

Alivya V Free in Katmaren Clothing photographed by me.

I am incredibly lucky to have a Dad who is paying for my wedding dress for me. This meant I could do something all brides dream of... I could design my dress myself. And I knew the woman for the job was Kitty of Katmaren Clothing. I have been able to photograph Kitty's stunning designs on several occasions, and have always been blown away by their detailing and structure. She also happens to be Alivya's sister! When I started giving her my ideas, she ran away with them and has developed them into something that I just cannot wait to wear.

Jewellery by Celia Rose Jewellery.

When I discovered that Celia was making incredible silver jewellery I was so excited. I went to secondary school with Celia then sort of lost contact with her, and rediscovered her when my company did a delivery to her house! So bizarre. She made me a truly stunning bangle for my birthday, and seemed the logical choice to make our wedding rings too! To be able to use someone local, who I've also known for about 16 years, is pretty damn awesome. It'll make our rings even more special.

I know we will be using other small businesses and individuals too, but these are the ones I can share! What are your favourite small companies?

Much Love,
Kitty xxxx

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  1. I love supporting small companies, especially local companies. The photography is so beautiful xo


    1. thanks! It's so important to help small business, they put so much more back into their communities than corporations xx

  2. So much stunningness, so many lovely unique touches! I can't wait to see your dress, your photos, your rings. And I agree, there is something very special about using indy suppliers. It's going to be a wonderful day honey.

    1. thank you sweet :D I'm getting so excited now! xxx

  3. I love using and buying from small businesses. There's just something far more personal about it. I can't wait to see EVERYTHING!

    1. I'm getting so excited now! :D thanks lovely!

  4. Hell to the yeah! Can't wait to see what else you come up with and some photos of the big day it self!

    How exciting! :D


  5. I couldn't agree more about using small businesses for your wedding (obviously being a small independent trader myself I am bound to agree). I think it is so important to be different to everybody else in this mass produced world and each wedding really should reflect your own personal style.