Scarlett and Jo with She Might Be Loved

Sunday 21 June 2015

EDIT - While the quality of their clothes isn't in doubt, I cannot encourage anyone to buy from Scarlett & Jo or support their business for ethical reasons.

Yesterday I travelled to Evans in Meadowhall to a meet and greet with the lovely Georgina of She Might Be Loved with Scarlett & Jo. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet some fellow plus size bloggers in person and ogle some gorgeous clothes, and I was right!

With Georgina (photo by her fella Alfie)

How awkward can I actually get? Apparently more awkward every day!

Scarlett & Jo had brought in most of their collection for the day and I fell totally in love with it. Gifi, the lovely creator of Scarlett & Jo really knows how to design for plus size women, and was a lovely fella to boot, it was a pleasure to get to meet him! He so cares about what he is creating, and is so passionate, which is wonderful.

Top L-R
Scarlett & Jo Green Printed Skirt
Scarlett & Jo Black Feather Tunic
Scarlett & Jo Purple Wrap Dress
Bottom L-R
Scarlett & Jo Red Rose Prom Dress
Scarlett & Jo Black Lace Dress
Scarlett & Jo Teal Blue Fit & Flare Mini

I tried on so many pieces, why not when they are in the store! And quite honestly, I could have easily bought of all of these had I had the money. The fit of the dresses is just great, the material is such good quality and they are so lovely! I opted to buy the teal blue fit and flare mini dress. Scarlett & Jo had very kindly offered us 20% off on the day, even on the current sale prices, so it was a complete bargain at £20! The red rose prom dress is definitely next on my wishlist. The mesh sleeves are so different and fun, and I love the neckline. The feather tunic was shorter than I'd usually wear, but I felt so cute I didn't care. And that wrap dress, just wow. Also available in blue and mint green, it's just divine.

Lollylikesfatshion, one of the lovely ladies who worked at the Evans store, Kellyisablade, and me.

It is often mentioned how great the fit of Scarlett & Jo are for the busty lady, and as a plus size gal who doesn't have a sizeable chest, I have to say, Gifi has created pieces that really help give the illusion of a chest and help show off what you do have in the best way!


Of course I couldn't resist selfies with the babes I met on the day!

With Georgina

With Kellyisablade (doesn't she remind you of Garcia from Criminal Minds? What a doll!)

With the incredible Leah of StyleXL. Just, wow, such a pleasure to meet her and see how passionate she is.

And with the adorable Siobhan of Rock n Roses.

I felt like a giant all day. Sometimes I forget that being 5ft 11 is kind of unusual!

I absolutely love this selfie of a bunch of us!

Evans had kindly made us up these fab goody bags. I adore Barry M as any of my readers will know, so was thrilled to see so much Barry M in there! I also love salt spray, so I'm excited to try this out.

A few of us popped for a drink afterwards, sadly I couldn't stay for the meal as I had an event to get to last night, but I wish I could have. It was such a fun day, and I am so glad I went. What a lovely bunch, and what lush clothes!

Much love,
Kitty xxxx

ps. My necklace is by Sugar & Vice and is a cheeky True Romance reference!


  1. It was so amazing to meet you and thank you so much for coming and your kind works! :) <3 xxx

    1. it was you too my lovely, so pleased it went well for you! xxx

  2. The clothes look beautiful on you, and looks like you had a wonderful time. If I had lived closer I would have loved to have gone, being in the same venue as so many gorgeous plus size babes and getting to meet the perfect Georgina would have been wonderful! x

    1. aww thank you lovely :) It was a fab day, really pleased I went. Georgina is a sweetie! xx